Monday, 27 March 2017

A wonderful day out

We had such a lovely day yesterday. My eldest son and girl friend invited us for a BBQ... BUT it was much more than that, as they moved to Suffolk just 4 weeks ago. So it was lovely to see their beautiful new house, but also Suffolk.
We took a wrong turning, (so what's new??) but we were being led by 'sweet cheeks' our satnav and we travelled along narrow lanes, which were flanked by banks covered with primroses; they were so pretty. And then we were travelling through avenues of daffodils, such glorious flashes of yellow.. we were delighted.
My son took us to such a pretty little coffee shop, all set outside in beautiful surroundings, we ate cake with our coffee!
I sat and was a teacher again and read with his GF's little 6 yr boy, he was very good and I filled in his reading diary. He is a super little boy and loved the kite we took him. We chatted to them and his girl friend's  parents, I call them his in-loves rather than in-laws.. they moved there too to be near them....and talking our house buying/selling over with them was good, they understand our stresses.  The BBQ food was delish, we wavered a bit off the diet but it was worth it.
I left with a huge bouquet of pink tulips and cards. Then on our way home we went to see the house we want to buy. It's empty so we did peep through the windows, it looked lovely! And the little front garden was very pretty with blue bells, pink primroses, aubrietia and a lot more. We so love that house, so are more than ever willing everything to go right for us. We can't wait to move there now.
And getting out and visiting Suffolk has re-invigorated us to get those silly little things done and today we shall be cleaning and then some gardening..
Wo---hoooo Suffolk here we come!!


Sunday, 26 March 2017

I need patience!

It's true things don't seem so bad after a good nights sleep, altho' to be honest I didn't sleep well..but I, no not I, but we have decided to stop stressing and just let things happen in their own time. We will move to Suffolk, maybe not the house we really love and not before Easter, which was muted a week or so ago, but in time and to a house we will make our home.
Watch this will happen!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Oh how I wish!!... a day that ended badly

I was over joyed this morning at SW when the scales showed 17st.. can you imagine that being delighted to be 17st that's 238lbs? A few years ago I was horrified to be 14.7st!!
 But it was my first personal target; this week I lost 2.5 lbs, the most I have lost in a week for a while.
My next personal target is 16.4, only 10lbs to lose..
Can I do that by 31st May, which is my next appointment with the surgeon in London, only 10 weeks.  A pound a week to lose, it doesn't seem a lot each week, but I don't take anything for granted!
If I averaged 1.5 a week I could lose 15 lbs, and that's what I want to do!!
At the moment I buy most of my clothes from M&S but I'd love to buy some from some where else.
 So I will set my next target for 16st!!!
I have a  denim skirt like this but I don't look like this!!

I'd like to wear a jacket this!

A lacy top would be nice too!
 Ah well I am trying!! Are you trying to lose weight ?

House selling and buying
We are in a quandary.. our buyers Mr and Mrs B are very keen to buy our house, but are not able to sell theirs. They have had prospective buyers but twice each time their buyers have changed their minds.
There is now a third buyer and in a survey, the results have been a damp issue. It's the second time this has been found. What we don't understand is why Mr and Mrs B haven't had it sorted.
We have been patiently waiting for 2 months, but now our vendors are insisting that we all be ready to exchange contracts by Easter, 4 weeks time.
We understand if we can't confirm this,  than they will re-market.
It is tearing us apart, today we have had a silent row, you know the sort where you both close down and say.. 'what ever!' Really meaning a lot more!
We have a few niggly little jobs that need doing, if I didn't have this b----y duff arm I would do them. DH takes ages to do somethings and today I suggested we employ a handy man for a day or two to get them done. DH took offence but I didn't care because we need these silly little things done, because our Estate Agent has said, re-market.
These little jobs have been on our 'to do' list since last November, when we first put our house up for sale.
Our worry is we will lose the house we love, but if we do, C'est  la vie.
But I would be so disappointed, if we did.
Mean while I suppose I 'll have to apologise to Dh for my silent act today, but oh can't men be so difficult some times.
I expect I can be too.
Do you have silent rows?
What we really need is someone to talk this over with who is not involved!

Thursday, 23 March 2017


We were able to collect Nell at 5:00pm yesterday. She was over joyed  to see us, you'd have thought we'd been to Australia.
She wolfed down some scrambled egg and a biscuit, not too much as she had had an anaesthetic.
We had a very good report from the vet nurse, who said Nell had been very good.
She is a good dog, we said! Not a peep out of her last night, but we had decided if she cried who'd let her up on our bed. She hasn't scratched at her face, so the stitches are all secure.
Well done Nell, it only cost £532.60 !! But we do have insurance for her, although if we hadn't we'd have paid, she is our baby!!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Another endless day of waiting!

No, not for moving house news today, but for our lovely little dog, Nell. We took her this morning to the vets, for a small op to remove a little lump on her lower lip. She couldn't have breakfast so neither did we; we couldn't eat in front of her, that would have been cruel.
She didn't want to go with the vet and started to jump up at me, then  was dragging her bottom as he tried to take her through the door way, so we quickly left. I could have cried but held back the tears. We phoned at 12md and she has had the op and was just waking up. We can collect her at 5:00pm It seems such a long day... can't wait to have her home.
She is such a cutie

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Could you? Could I?

Martin McGuinness..1959-2017

So much talk about the death of this man, some downright damning.. The bombing of the hotel where the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the conservative party were staying, in 1984, 5 were people killed and  several injured, Margaret Tibbit permanently crippled.   But it got me thinking would I be able to forgive someone who I believe had taken the life of someone I loved, especially a child?

A bomb was left in a metal bin in a Liverpool shopping precinct 23rd March 1993. Three-year-old Johnathan Ball died at the scene. He had been in town with his babysitter, shopping for a Mother's Day card.  The second victim, 12-year-old Tim Parry, was gravely wounded. He died on 25 March 1993 when doctors switched off his life support machine, having asked permission to do so from his family, after tests had found minimal brain activity.. 54 other people were injured, four of them seriously. Suddenly metal bins vanished from railway stations and shopping precincts!
But the one that really stands out in my mind was the bombing in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday 1987. Her last words to her father were, ‘Daddy I love you.’ Marie was killed by the Provisional IRA at the Cenotaph that day. Along with a further 10 people, 63 people were injured and a 12th person died in 2000, after spending 13 years in a coma.

Gordon Wilson, Marie’s father went on to write a book, saying he forgave the IRA.. BUT…

Could you? Could I ?

I stand corrected by Scarlet, it was not Liverpool in 1993, but Warrington, Thank you Scarlet.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Horrible MRI scan.

Yesterday was ..... well I am so glad that is over, the MRI was very, very unpleasant to say the least!! First they put me in a machine,  that was pressing on my broken arm and dislocated shoulder and then decided it was too tight so started to pull me out, pulling my shoulder so I started shouting, it was so painful. So then I had the CT scan while the other bigger MRI machine was being used and then they started again. Although I was lying comfortably and with ear plugs and huge earphones to reduce the sound, it was horrible. I couldn't use my phone with the music Dh had down loaded onto it, as the MRI magnets would have broken the phone!!  It wasn't so much the noise but the being enclosed. It took 40 mins!! How I survived I don't know I played alphabet games in my head, after a few prayers to get me through. Never again I don't think I could do it again! It was horrible, when she said via my headphones only 8 more mins I nearly pressed the help button to say, no more I 've had enough! But I did it!! We left the house at 1:40pm and arrived home 9:50pm. We literally caught the underground and main line trains within minutes of them going on our way to getting home. By the time we had something to eat, we dropped into bed at gone 11:30pm.. although we have had a cuppa at 6:00am this morning, we went back to sleep till 8:30 we were exhausted. I walked 7863 steps, some at speed when we rushed to get trains.
Thank God it's over! I hope the surgeon will be able to do something for me, it will be 2 years next month from when I first broke my arm!! Sometimes in that 2 years it has been hell, thank you to my lovely Dh that I have got through all this time.
Ps If anyone else has had an MRI I 'd be interested to hear about your experiences.