Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Quite a lovely day....

We've had our usual lovely Tuesday at SW and a mooch around Halesworth which was lovely.  I chatted to the owner of a little antique shop who said she didn't just work with recycled items but was also recycled herself!! Second marriage!! LOL It was very nice chatting to her.
Then we bought some fruit from the fruit shop, beautiful Kent cherries and French plums which are delish and I got a bottle of Rose Lemonade which was very nice too, but 5 syns!! .. and when we were there I went in the shoe shop that sells Gecko shoes and I picked out some for winter, instead of my usual Clark ones. There was also a very nice shop with swooshy skirts and floaty tops if I want the Earth mother look!! I loved them.
We had a lovely coffee and I resisted the homemade cakes because I lost 2lbs this week; but did anyone see Nadya's programme last evening and now I want to make cheesy scones with chive butter, nom nom!
Later at home on we tackled pruning the rose over the front door...
And this is how it looks now...our house number can be seen at last

This sunflower plus three others were free from the birds.
 One of my favourite flowers, a cleome.
 And this is the view down the garden, you can just see our circle of grass we're leaving to grow, although Nell has made a pathway through the middle! The long grass has gone, but having been left so long before it was cut, it is very yellow.. we just need some rain to green it up.         And an amazing poppy...what a centre!
I love, love living here!
Thank you for the comments about my friend Monica; the blogging world has some very, very nice people.
And welcome new follower Anne.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Couldn't Sleep....

...... because I had had a phone call to tell me, my friend Monica had died. We worked together in a school in the eighties and had kept in touch over the years since. It was a very small school, just 84 children on the role with four classes. Monica worked as a job share for the head, so only worked  three days a week. I had a Christmas card from her and she didn't say she was ill, but her daughter phoned yesterday, bloody pancreatic cancer. So I was thinking of her and how we used to giggle like silly school children, as the head we worked for treated us all like small children and often lost her cool over the smallest thing, PMT in a big way.
One fetish ( we called it that)that she had was in Assembly, we weren't allowed to close our hymn books until the very last word had been sung.. Monica and I used to slam ours shut in the middle of the last chorus. The Head used to play the piano, but could see us and used to give us the 'glare' and we used to smile back at her!! Can you imagine being treated like that?

 I lasted 18 months there before I resigned. The last straw was when she queried my asking for a day off to fetch my 20 year old son from university, as he had Crohns and had had a very bad spell. So I took off two days!! She moved onto another school, the head that is, and was removed by the governors after 18 months when teachers kept leaving and then children were leaving in droves.
Monica and I used to sneak off to a quiet corner in the playground to talk about the head. We used to have coffee together right up to before I broke my arm, then she came to the house a couple of times, once with as huge bunch of snowdrops from her garden. Another lovely friend gone. I felt so sad about her and really feel for her daughter, as her mum was a rare person.
I couldn't get her out of my mind, she was such a lovely person..Although I hadn't seen her with all this moving kerfuffle, I knew she was there for me if I needed her. I miss her.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A pleasant and lovely surprise.

These lovely flowers are from my cousin, sent 2 weeks before my hospital stay so I can appreciate them now!!
 I love them, such delicate colours and so thoughtful of her. We spent the first 8 years of our lives together, as they lived in my grand mother's house. I am 6 weeks older than her. We used to fight when we were little, but are rather more restrained at 74!
Welcome to three new followers, Chezbobs, Susan and Jules and thank you for the commiserations and advice from those of you who commented on my battle to lose weight!!
I can't say it loud in case my body hears and decides to hold onto the food I have eaten today, which was all on plan. Yesterday we packed a SW picnic and went to Southwold and had a blowy but warm afternoon, leaving there just as the rain started. I do love living here!
Hope if you're trying to lose weight you'll lose at least 2 pounds this next week.

Monday, 10 July 2017

So have I hit the worst thing?????

My wedding outfit, it will be our eleven years anniversary at the end of this month, it was this lovely two piece aqua colour.
But the skirt was two sizes too big, but I didn't have the time to order my own size, so the sales assistant pointed out the back was elasticated, so with a tweak it would be ok and it was.

I still have it, in fact wore it to a wedding 7 years ago.
Saturday evening we were going out and I planned to wear that skirt with a new lacy top. IT WAS TOO SMALL!!
I was devastated and started to cry. It was a try on and throw on the bed for the next half hour I ended up with a mountain of clothes, but I found a skirt that looked ok-ish.  My maxi dress I bought for Singapore made me look pregnant!!

I knew I weighed more but not that much. I am back on plan, I have now been going to SW for 10 1/2 months but have only lost 11 pounds! Why can't I keep going for longer than a week, and then blow it? I look at different face book slimming groups and some women have lost 9 stones in the same time I've lost pounds, scream, scream, scream!
So it is a now or never situation, this is the end of the road.


Friday, 7 July 2017


Oh dear, yes you've guessed it, I have gained weight this week again. Very annoying because we have spent a lot of money on delicious food, smoked salmon, other fresh fish, fillet steak, lean hand cut thick slices of ham, chickens, so we can have it cold for a couple of days mid-week with packets and packets of salad leaves, tomatoes, fruit especially strawberries and a measured amounts of carbs, potato, pasta or rice... no cake, white bread, chocolate or cheese, no butter, and no sausages!!
So a bit of a 'bummer' and upsetting. I am very despondent and think will never lose even 10% of my weight.
But I have taken some painkillers (anti-inflammatory) this past week, mainly because we have been out and looking for kitchen tiles, paint, and flooring, so lots of walking. This means we can look at the plans with the designer and fitter next week with these in place. The pain killers are inclined to make me retain fluid and they 'glue' me up, if you get my meaning!
So what shall I do? Continue with SW or I can go to free weigh ins with a scheme here in Suffolk? I honestly don't know apart from sewing up my mouth!
Any ideas any successful weight loss peeps?

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A 'Marmite' Book?

Today we have been to our first book group meeting. The book discussed was 'A Life Discarded' which was about 148 diaries found in a skip. In my view the author Alexander Master missed the boat. What could have been a really good interpretation of the life written about in the diaries, was a dreary mis-match of threads of the story. Who on earth would get such a large number of diaries and not put them in chronological order, he didn't. But did try to find who the author was, but in a very long winded way. In the first few chapters he refers to the author as 'I', then 'not Mary' and then he tells us her real name was 'Laura,' but that wasn't her real name anyway!
He actually came up with a ridiculous theory to work out her height, by measuring the angles of the slope of her up strokes of her writing. It worked out that she was possibly 3meters plus tall!!  She wrote about her daily life, which was extremely boring and in a boring way, as much as a thousand words a day which is a record it seems. 
 You might have guessed I did not enjoy this book, and I wasn't the only one, but some members did and one lady thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was definitely a 'marmite' book, you either loved it or hated it! You might wonder why I read it to the end, I only did because it was for the book group.
Ah well, a new book for next month, I hope it's better! Are you able to read books you don't enjoy?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Only four weeks to go..

I have had my pre-op assessment appointment. It was fine although they panicked me a bit as they got a Dr to listen to my heart as the nurse thought I she could hear a murmur, but all ok. The nurse did my bloods and honestly I didn't even feel the needle going in, there were 5 samples!! I wondered if I had any left.

The main nurse in charge, Veronica was lovely and with all the booklets to read, she had underlined the pre-ops dept number and said phone if I had a question or worry even for the slightest thing. She couldn't believe I had been 26 months with my arm in a sling and started to ask how I  did it, but I said I couldn't talk about it because I have flash backs and I get very weepy.. but she said crying is good for you it relieves a whole lot of stresses.

 One thing I was told to do is to have 5 or 6 deep breaths every hour as my oxygen levels were low. My B/P was 110/65. I have always had low blood pressure.... and ok she added to try to lose some weight.. I was there close on
one and a half hours and I didn't have to wait at all.

The Occupational Therapist called me first and one of the questions she ask was dressing etc and would I have help after the op. I did say I found pulling up knickers difficult when I first did it, so she asked did DH help,  but I said the truth I didn't wear any for 18 months. And all the usual questions, stairs, loo, showers, bed, chairs etc. Could I manage etc. at home.

 It took 4 hours to get to the hospital, door to door and that was with no waiting between trains and  straight onto the under ground,, so it takes quite a while. I was so tired when we got home and went to sleep in my chair. So now I am on my way to have this operation and with it being put back a week, I'll be home for Wimbledon.. great! But I must admit I am bit nervous!