Friday, 28 April 2017

Arggg this dieting thing!!

This morning we popped back to T***o,  because we are not moving next week as arranged and so we needed some extra bits... a woman in the next checkout to us had 6 or 7 filled baguettes, they looked like a variety of meats and salads bursting with mayo and packets of sandwiches, plus cakes, some lush Danish pastries, ( don't you just love that one with custard?) and full sized chocolate cakes, plus a variety of drinks. I wanted to go home with her because we had a cauliflower, cabbage, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, strawberries, lean bacon and a chicken, no comparision really???? This dieting thing just gets to me now and then and we came home to fish n chips??? Did we heck.. no smoked salmon sandwiches with low fat cream cheese spread in crustless wholemeal bread, followed by fat free Luscious Lemon yoghurt, which actually is very nice. But those Danish pastries kept popping into my mind. We wondered what was the occasion, that she had bought all that lush non diet food for??
Do you look at other peoples 'buys' in the supermarket?

ASMR] ★ Close up Danish Pastry Eating ★ [Mouth sounds] [Breathing ...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

It is so true.

We are just hanging in there and on looking back at this wait to move.
Of course I couldn't have moved when we wanted to a month ago, I wasn't well enough!
Now it looks like we will move in a couple of weeks time, and all this extra time has allowed us to sort through stuff instead of packing it as it is... and our garden is looking good! If we were looking to move here, we'd be very pleased with the garden!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

We needed this....

 We have had a really lovely long weekend in my home town, Porthcawl, S Wales.
Beautiful sun shiny days and nothing to do! We enjoyed the walks looking at the sea.
Far away from the 'moving business' was just what we needed.
The old Lighthouse.
 And we didn't diet either, in fact we ate out Friday with two of my cousins on my father's side of the family. I had a large chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream for my desert.
The Porthcawl Pavillion, where my school friend and I went to dances when we were 16, such happy days, many, many years ago.
 And Saturday we ate at a Harvester and my bbq ribs were so tasty I could have eaten it twice and then I had ice-cream!
We didn't stay at our usual B&B that takes dogs, it had closed down, but found a Travel Lodge that allowed dogs, outside Porthcawl. The bed was very comfortable with plenty of pillows!! I do like a good pillow. We had breakfasts at Costa's, dreamy coffee and cheesy toasties, yum.
It was just what we needed. And now home we feel rested and ready to sort out the rest of this house and garden to move!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Thank goodness for Andrea Levy

I go to the library every Saturday, I have been doing this for years. I sometimes reserve  books that I have had recommended to me and then chose another two or three. Last week I did just that, but what a mistake that was. The book I had reserved I'd already read, I don't remember book titles, but never mind I had three others. One was by an author some one said was a good read, it was definitely not my sort of book, all frothy romance, definitely not me. But that left the mystery one I had chosen; I started it twice before I gave up on it. I hope the author knew what it was about because I certainly didn't nor did a whole lot of other people when I read some comments about it.  And the one book left was this one by Andrea Levy. I have read her 'A Small Island,' and 'Every Light in the House Burnin.' Both excellent reads, I was so relieved, I have a book I can read and enjoy for the rest of the week before Saturday! Some blogs I read rely on the Travelling Library, hope they can reserve books,  because they are not that big so the choice would be limited. I couldn't survive without a book I liked.
What about you?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Over yesterdays 'hump'

Yesterday I felt wild, nothing was right, everything seemed wrong. I hated everything  around me, but today I feel calm!
And this is what greeted me this morning out of my kitchen door.

You probably have to tap this to re-size it to make it bigger, but it is glorious.
Just one side of our garden, my side. All weed free too, the drier weather has made it easy to hoe the small weeds, altho' a lot were love-in-the-mist and marigold seedlings.
And all this tendered and nurtured with one arm!
Life isn't so bad after all!!


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

What can I say???

In a couple of weeks time it will be 2 years since I tripped and  fractured my right humerus. I have had 3 months of ultra sound treatment, 2 very painful ops. that failed and so you might understand that I am not in a good place at the moment. Just because I don’t mention my arm doesn’t mean it is ok, because it’s not. I dress with pain, I knit and sew with pain, I even eat with pain. I can’t drive, play the piano, garden or even push the vacuum, without clunking all of the legs of our wood furniture.. This house move is so stressful, we don't think we can go through any more. and this morning everything was wrong. I have yelled at my daughter over the phone which I never do, I am always patient with her, but not today. I think I am having a hormonal day, so I have eaten white bread toasted with toasted cheese and a jam doughnut. I need a train at the bottom of my garden like I had in Jackson's Lane so I can stand on the compost tump and scream and SCREAM, when it goes past... anyone else ever feel like this?.

Friday, 31 March 2017

When it's just another day...of waiting...

... we escape to Southend! Although at this present time our move seems to be positive news, we can't help thinking...'what if'.. the buyer changes his mind, he doesn't have the money, the 'searches' bring up something that he will object Dh packed up our lunch and in a cloudy dull late morning, we set off.
Criky for the first time ever we were caught up in a long queue of traffic, just 5 miles onto the Arterial road to Southend, the 127.  Today the 25min journey took just under the hour. But in that time the sun arrived.
There weren't as many people there as we thought might be, and so we got a parking space facing the sea right opposite our favourite cafĂ©, Rossi. The sea was right up to the wall and in some places it was crashing over; beautiful to watch
We ate our SW packed up lunch and then had an ice-cream, I had a very small tub, so not too many calories, Nell's was bigger than mine. I didn't walk, I had to read my book, I wanted to find out what happened.. if you want a good read, 'The Shadow Year' by Hannah Richell. Getting away, we came home feeling wonderful, getting out was just what we needed.. we'll do the rest of the garden tomorrow, yes we'll do it tomorrow.