Friday, 22 July 2016

600 and more.... Could that be correct?

We have driven home from our week away at Southwold.. we have had a wonderful week, sunny with high temps, a very comfortable flat in our favourite Suffolk little town.
 But driving home, as a passenger I can look out at the roadside flowers. (weeds to some) But who could think these oxeye daisies are weeds?

 Vetch grows well in Essex and as they grow close to the ground, they suddenly appear in the grass like drifts of purple- blue..
 And  the spots of yellow of groundsel appear as though someone has splashed some paint in the midst of the tall grass.
And it seems there are over 600 species of wild flowers on our roadsides and are the saviour of our wild flowers since hedge rows were cut down. 
Did you know that there were so many species?  I didn't.

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  1. You have very different wild flowers to us although the daisies are familiar. I have my first daffodils flowering in the garden so despite the wind, rain and cold I am reassured that Spring is here-well almost. Sounds like you had a lovely drive.