Monday, 18 July 2016

A perfect day, I did it!!

Today I have walked 1.1 miles, not that far for some people but the furthest I have walked since I tripped over 'nothing' and broke my right humerus.. Ever since then I have been afraid of falling. I kept having nightmares of falling and I convinced myself I would trip again. So I bought a walking stick, a pretty one from a proper shop that sold all sorts of walking aids, so it was sized for me.

It's like a third leg and I have started to walk more confidently remembering to stride and not 'tippy toe' which a physio once told me I did!
So today in the cooler evening air (it was 29C midday!) I have walked along the prom and enjoyed the scents and view of the calm sea, just a gentle ripple up onto the beach. The horizon a straight line 14 miles away... did you  know that , that where ever you look in a straight line, the horizon is only 14 miles away? I only know because Dh was in the navy.
It was beautiful to walk along, just a very gentle breeze; several people smiled back at me, I believe in giving away smiles and sometimes I am given one back. This evening a young man said ;'Good evening;' most unusual, so I replied back, 'Good evening.'
A perfect end to my day.. how far can you walk I wonder?


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