Monday, 18 July 2016

Don't you just love a bargain??

In May we had our kitchen refurbished with new Shaker styled cream doors with very nice stainless steel handles, as well as new  work surfaces. We had to change the work surfaces when we had new cooker which was a different width to the old phut one.
We have green and cream tiles over the cooker so we decided to have red as our spot colour... and this cafetiere is red. We paid £5 from a market stall and it is listed on the M&S site for £19.50! So a real bargain. I suppose it is a seconds or last years colour as this is the cream version.. but wow we only paid £5.. what a bargain.
Have you had a bargain lately, doesn't it feel good?

Yesterday we went to a Silver Wedding anniversary celebration, not ours, DH and I have our tenth at the end of this month.. ten wonderful years for me.
It was a lunch and then an afternoon tea dance! The food was absolutely delicious. My starter was smoked turkey and prosciutto with little cubes of a blue cheese on a bed of salad with a light dressing. I could have eaten it twice over it was so nice. But my chicken in white wine sauce was very tasty too and my fresh fruit tart with cream and ice-cream was to die for too.. can't you tell I am a foody!!
It was lovely seeing Denise and Vic happy and dancing perfectly together and I chatted to a lot of people who I knew and have moved from our home town. So a really super day. Nell had to go into kennels but it was only for the day,  so not for ever, although I expect she will think we have gone to Australia!
Have any of you been married for years and years?



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  1. Sounds like a nice day out! We celebrated our 42nd anniversary this February!