Saturday, 9 July 2016

My first bake for over a year

Marmalade cake... not brilliant, I think I could have used a smaller loaf tin. It smells delicious and we will be tasting it after lunch.
The book was recommended by someone in blog land and I had to buy it. Today we have been to town; the library books I ordered were ready for collection and of course we had to have a coffee. We sat outside as it is very pleasant weather and three people I know stopped to chat, which was lovely. They all remembered my name but sad to say I couldn't remember theirs. One a TA, from the school where I last worked, another a parent of a girl I taught 13 years ago when she was 7 yrs old, she was a lovely mum and came into class to help on our painting afternoons. She gave me a hug and it was lovely to hear about her daughter...  and a lady  from our choir that we used to attend. So a really lovely morning. Home now and after our chicken salad lunch and piece of marmalade cake a restful afternoon in the garden reading.. my favourite pastime and something that brought great joy as a child. I learnt about lands that I never visited and got to know friends,  all between the pages of a book... I wonder how many people today prefer reading to TV??


  1. I love reading and always have to have a good supply on hand. With juts over three years to go until retirement I am contemplating a move to a smaller city but top of the list after a good church is a good library. Should be easy to please me :-)

  2. Hubby watches TV, but I always have a book or sewing in my hand, there are very few programs I would just sit and watch.

  3. The cake looks delicious, coincidently I made a marmalade steam pudding last week needing to use some marmalade up but it was good and made a great change.