Friday, 8 July 2016

So here I am

I have thought for a while I needed another blog.. after breaking my right arm (humerus bone) 14th April 2015, my craft life hit the buffers as it were and my other blog was built around my craft work. My life as I knew it stopped, but my DB is so good I am surviving.
Recently, I have read so many blogs of how people are saving money, living frugally, growing their own veg, keeping chickens and keeping a strict check on their finances all towards their retirement. Well DB and I are retired, so are we living the good life??? Yes in a way I think we are! We haven't got oodles of money but enough to buy what we want to live comfortably and have holidays and generally we are happy, actually we are very happy.

So the tale of what happened after a very simple trip, when I fractured my arm.

After 6 months of regular appointments, x-rays my bone had not healed. To encourage my bone to grow new bone, I had exogen treatment for three months, November, December and January. It cost the hospital £1800 so my consultant had to request the funds for it. He did jokingly say, if it didn't work the hospital got their money back. I was connected up to a hand held computer that emitted, through a wire, ultra sound waves. it was important that we did it each day the same time for 20 minutes; and we did, each morning at 08:00, even on Christmas day and we got up early on the day of my DB's father's funeral to fit it in.. It didn't work! So March 1st I had surgery to plate and pin my bone. At a follow up appointment the x-ray showed that the pins had fallen out of the plate! My bone after 10months of non use was too soft to hold the pins.. my follow up app. after this was put off because of the Dr's strikes.

When I had the appointment, a week later,  it was late afternoon, so after lunch at home I settled in  my arm chair and went to sleep. DB woke me to say,  we just had half an hour to get to the hospital. It's only 10mins drive but parking can be difficult, but we made it The nurse started to help me take off my navy cardigan, it was saturated in blood and so was my blouse underneath!! Having been asleep for a couple of hours I hadn't noticed anything untoward. The Dr thought it wasn't new blood, and on looking at my arm there was a large swelling under the stitches,  which he thought was blood. He wanted me in then but I asked to go home. So 1st April I was back in hospital for further surgery. This time the surgeon put a rod through my bone, wires crisscrossing from top to bottom of the bone and a new plate and longer pins. The pain afterwards was horrendous, I don't know how I bore it. I slept sitting up bolstered by several pillows with DB awake with me each time I moaned. It partially worked, but then complications on May 23rd, with non use my muscle in my arm had weakened and the bone has dislocated, more pain.
So here I am three and a half months later with my arm still in a support sling and still a lot of discomfort and pain when I move my arm. When I saw the Dr last week, he said there are appears to be some fuzziness on the bone, so this could be new growth!! I have an app. end of September when we will discuss the next move, surgery to put right my dislocation!
Will I ever get my life back??
But today I have cleaned all round the kitchen, although not the floor; cooked a chicken for our tea; and made a marmalade cake! All with just my left hand! I couldn't lift the chicken out of the oven one handed so had to ask DB for help. All this after a full morning, hairdresser 9:15 (can't do my hair one handed), A lovely costa coffee, but not a raspberry almond slice, then a full shop at  the 'blue;' supermarket.. it was  lunch time when we got home, we had smoked salmon, prawn cocktail and salad which was our own lettuce.. tomatoes are still green but growing well.
Where I got the 'umff' from this afternoon, I don't know,  but it felt good although exhausting !! Yeh.... I made a cake, why marmalade you may ask? It was what I had the ingredients for.
So I am making progress, don't you think?


  1. I do think you are making progress, amid much difficulty. Love that you are still cheerful and will be following your new blog .

  2. Chris it sounds as if you have a new positive attitude, what with starting the new blog as well! All the best for your next appointment.