Thursday, 21 July 2016

We always can talk about the weather.

I love the sounds of the sea.. yesterday the waves were crashing down onto the beach, spray flying up into the air. We sat having coffee on the pier and watched the white horses on the waves... some splashed up and over us, Nell was quite concerned when a couple of drops landed on her! We laughed at her reaction, anyone would think looking at her she had been shot with way she jumped.

Today it is cooler; we didn't have any storms last night just a very short shower. It was cooler to sleep. What is it with us British, we complain about the rain and then when we have hot sunny weather we don't cope?  Trains were cancelled yesterday on our line to London because the lines and overhead cables were affected by the heat. I like the sun although I don't lie in it and use a sun screen to protect my face, I don't need any wrinkles caused by the sun,  I have enough already. Today Drs are saying we are suffering from a lack of Vit D, the so called sunshine vitamin, as I have just had to have a 4 week high dose of Vit. D, I completely agree. A simple blood test requested by my own GP. showed I had very, very low levels of it and as it is needed to absorb calcium for bone growth I did exactly as I was told and took it religiously every day.
I need everything that promotes bone growth for this b-----  arm!!
Do you like it hot or cold weather?


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