Monday, 11 July 2016

What a lovely, but busy weekend.

We knew my #2 middle son and his wife were calling in to see us on their way home to West Wales from Europe sometime around about now, but I had forgotten the date. (We live about 20mins from the M25) So it was a surprise to get their message, that they were on their way yesterday morning! Fortunately we had bought a good sized half leg of British lamb.

 They had been touring France, Spain and Portugal in their motor home for the whole of June (with their Welsh flag proudly flying from their aerial!)  We hurriedly swapped our bedding back to the front bedroom and made up the back bedroom bed.  It was easier to have them sleep in the back bedroom as we had spring cleaned it for my MIL who had stayed last week. And why we go back is because it's a lower bed so easier for me to get into with my broken arm.
They arrived earlier than we thought so it was coffee and lots of chat... the lamb dinner was a great success and it was very, very delish, a big thank you to my lovely DH... then an afternoon of catching up. It was lovely to see my son as we don’t often get to meet up and when we were in Wales a couple of weeks ago, they were already away. In the afternoon, we did watch Andy win Wimbledon.. yeh!! Well done Andy, we are so proud of you.

 My lovely, lovely man had made a loaf of white bread and a Victoria sponge earlier in the morning so ham sandwiches and crisps and cake went down very well for tea.. then this morning my #1 eldest son and his GF came to see his brother as they haven't seen each other for 3 years.. so a morning of coffee and cake and lots of chat again.. Then when they all went by 12, DH and I swopped back the bedding so we were back in the back bedroom.. 3rd time in 3 days!!
 Then we packed up our lunch and drove to Southend. It was very windy there but sunny,  altho' we could see rain clouds over the Thames in Kent, then suddenly the heavens opened and we too had a very heavy shower. Fortunately we had just had a Rossi's coffee under their awning and we were back in the car.. some people got soaking wet running for shelter as there is none on the prom in the Leigh end; the one that was there has been made into a restaurant! I love Southend!!
We came home in sun showers but what a lovely weekend I have had, great to see two of my sons..So I have had a lovely couple of days, families are great when you can meet up, but I have eaten too much, my diet went out the window.

The sun is shining now after a sharp shower, so no need to water the tomatoes and veg tonight.

Our small veg. patch growing, beans, sweetcorn, carrots, beetroot, radish and lettuce and a lot of strawberries.  Tomatoes are in another bed and potatoes in bags at the top of the garden

 And this is our grape vine, the second year we have had it and we have three bunches of grapes!!! Last year we just had one bunch and they were lovely and  sweet. It hasn't been easy with only one working arm, but DH and I do a little bit each day,  just 15 mins weeding is all I can do, but it is helping to keep the weeds at bay!

Yes my garden is a love of mine. Do you have a garden that gives you joy?


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