Sunday, 24 July 2016

What to do about Holidays?

As we have just come back from a super week away in Southwold again. We loved it so much, we have looked at what we want for holidays in the future. Obviously with my arm still in a sling and still being under the hospital, I can't get insurance for a holiday abroad. As soon as I get the green light about my arm we will book to go to Italy by train,  First Class. Something we have done in the past and thoroughly enjoyed.

So this evening we have discussed what we want. Some people we know  have bought a caravan in Suffolk, which is something I thought we might do, which would mean we would always holiday in the same place, which we don't really mind. But there aren't any sites near the coast and also, we would only be able to afford a 2/4 berth, so not that big and there would be the added cost of site fees. For the same costs we can have a week in each month, from May to September, so 5 months, which we are doing this year.

This would enable us to have holidays away but still be able to look after our garden at home. This would suit us perfectly. I have worked out the weeks would average £600 plus expenses eg food. But something we must do is be more organised. This last week we had the car loaded to the roof, obviously we have to take the dog's cage, but do we need her 2 extra blankets and pillow, and as this is a 'Staycation' what we don't  take we can buy, so we need to have a short list of essentials and trim down what we take, this will make it a  lot easier for us.
The beauty of this having a week away in each month is... you don't get post holiday blues, because as soon as you get home and get you're washing sorted, you're planning for your next week away. Where do you go for holidays?


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