Sunday, 7 August 2016

A New Author for me

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I found a new author for me... I picked up 'Stone Cradle' when I was last in the library and loved it. Not just a good story but also good writing. 'The Stone Cradle' is about a Romany family. Told from the alternate viewpoints of Clementine and Rose, her `gorger' daughter in law, it ranges across several generations of the Romany family from the nineteenth century up until 1960, but it's quite a step above the family saga type of novel, portraying what feels like an authentic picture of Romany life in and around Peterborough during that period. The characterisation is strong and the setting evocative. I loved the setting of the Fens and the vividness with which the author  portrayed the landscape and how it affected the characters. The two women, mother in law and daughter in law, from two different cultures, and their antagonisms, and yet grudging acceptance of each other over the years, was so rich and earnest. This is a book to get lost in, to relish the writing as well as the story, to be stopped in the midst of the flow by a description. As well as this the lives of the Romanies are honestly and lovingly, yet without sentimentality, brought to life within Stone Cradle. A book well worth reading.

is a totally different story, showing the talent of Louise Doughty.

 Yvonne Carmichael is fifty two years old, married with two grown children. Yvonne and her husband, Guy, have a comfortable marriage, both with demanding jobs that seem to fulfil their lives. Then, suddenly, she finds herself in a quandary -- married, having a hot and lustful affair, falling into a deep web of deception, half-truths, full lies.   
A middle-class woman with a comfortable middle-class life. That is how she likes it - until she is seduced by this enigmatic man who likes sex in risky places and whom she is incapable of resisting. She knows it isn’t forever, that to him she is just another woman in a long line of women, but her feelings for him begin to develop into something more,  although the excitement, the ability to step out of her safe life, to be someone else if even for a few minutes, is bewitching. Then something brutal and unimaginable happens and how these lovers deal with it threatens to unmask their secret and destroy their lives.
This story gripped me and I couldn't put it down, I would be very surprised if you didn't find it worth reading.
I have ordered her other books from the library, and can't wait to read those too.
What would I do without books, what about you?


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  1. These sound interesting Chris.
    Will be looking out for them. especially like the sound of the stone Cradle.