Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mornings in the garden

Wren perching on a branch (c) Gray Clements
This morning while eating our breakfast in the garden, we were suddenly aware of a flurry of birds. We have two bird feeders in a crab apple tree and two more in a side border. There were blue tits, long tail tits, great tits, the noisy gold finches and some green finches and then suddenly to our delight a wren; so pretty and so tiny, he landed on the small weeping birch, looked around, hopped on to the bird bath, had a drink and flew off.
One day a while ago, we watched one all day making a nest in our clematis montana, he was all day. But they didn't use it. It seems the males makes several nests and then the female choses one and obviously ours wasn't good enough for her!!
So a lovely surprise for us this morning, I don't think we will ever get tired of watching the birds.
Do you enjoy them too?

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