Monday, 29 August 2016

OMGOSH....the camera doesn't lie!!

Yep that is me... this was our last morning at Southwold, where we had spent yet another lovely week. We have had four separate week holidays this summer, three in Southwold. It is such a lovely place.. the week was very hot, some afternoons we stayed inside the cool of the apartment; it was already 18C when these photos were taken at 10 am.

My lovely OH looking cool, why do I go red in the face when I feel hot and other people don't?

Nell loved it too

Such a pretty place and miles of golden sand.
We drank coffee on the pier some mornings. And I walked every day, one day 1.2 miles!
And I lost 2 pounds while we were away!! The first time I have ever lost weight on a holiday, but even eating out we kept to our food plan.
Happy, happy days, ones to remember for ever.

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  1. Well done you. I too get red when hot - really annoying isn't it. I'm on a roll at the moment with weight loss you are an inspiration.