Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What makes you happy?

We popped into our little town yesterday, DH needed a hair cut badly and one of my books by Louise Doughty was in to collect from the library. We stopped for a coffee, I chatted to someone I knew through Slimming World which made me realise that was what I needed,  to get back into losing weight. It's four weeks since I decided my need was to lose 3 stone by Christmas, which meant a monthly loss of 7 pounds at least, I have lost a pound!!  Being very over weight doesn't make me happy. We eat the proper food, lunch yesterday was baked salmon and prawns with a full salad, which included our own tomatoes and grated carrots from our own garden, and dinner last evening was stir fry chicken and a mixture of peppers, onions, beans, carrots and teriyaki sauce that DH makes. Both meals followed by fresh fruit and a yogurt after dinner. All prepared and cooked by DH. Today I have walked 0.8 miles and most of that was up hill. So I am trying, but on other occasions I let myself down by eating off plan. Talking it through with DH last evening, while we sitting outside in the garden,  saying how unhappy I am about my weight, he just said.. 'look around.. this is a lovely place, I love it and am very happy here.' (his words) And I know what he means, our garden is a lovely place to be, we love sitting outside in it and do for all our meals; the house is our lovely home, we love living here.. he always says he loves me and kisses, and never goes out without kissing me goodbye every time. So I guess that's what happiness is... being loved, loving someone and being happy with what you have. 
I know I am blessed. How did I manage to meet such a wonderful person?


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