Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What shall we do?

Yesterday we were going to the cinema to see the new ' Ghost Busters' film, however we were extremely tired being woken up by our lovely Nell at 5:00am, barking. This isn't the first time she has done this recently. So going to the cinema would have been a totally waste of time as in the dark and warm we would have been asleep as soon as the lights dimmed before the film even started, so we decided a brisk walk along Southend prom would be better. It rained the whole time and we dozed in the car!! But it was enjoyable watching the gulls bobbing up and down on the choppy waves and people battling with their umbrellas in the wind!
After dinner last night we both slept for 2 hours.  The little monster was awake barking at 5 again today grrrrrrrr,  but I went back to sleep. DH came down and slept on the settee with Nell on her blanket in the corner. 
With the sun shining today  we have done some gardening now the rain has softened the soil. We have done really well and another afternoon like today and we will have done the main flower border yeh!!!  I hate the weeds in my flower beds. Dh has decided to get rid of the strawberries in the veg patch to make more room for salad stuff. We have had some really good iceberg lettuces this year and French beans, so some one on Freecycle will be receiving our strawberries. Isn't a nice feeling when you have a good gardening session?


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