Saturday, 24 September 2016

Getting on with my life, in spite of everything

I am not in a good place at the moment, my other blog says why ( and to make things worse for 2 weeks my weight has stayed the same... so what am I doing wrong because when we were away I lost 2.5 pounds, so what am I to do? I am not giving up. I will continue with the food plan and walk every day!
Today after class we went into town to the library, one of my favourite places and then we mooched. I am so  glad we did because Clintons cards were having a clear out and all cards were just £1, so we bought all we needed plus more, 12 in all. Then in W H Smiths, the man in front of me in the queue told the girl, I am new in the town and an OAP, please can I  have 15% off, I cheekily said I 'd ask  for 20% and she promptly swiped a card for 20%.. so asked for the same for us, which we got!!
So we came away very happy.. my Boots card paid for our buys there, nice and we both got some good books from the library.. Home again, we had our SW burgers and yogurt and then we booked ourselves 5 days away to Suffolk in October. Why stay home when we can go away?
So looking forward to that! Do you like breaks away by the sea?

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  1. Hang in there love. Don't get too despondent about your weight.. at least you didn't put the weight back on.Make this start again Monday! wishing you a good loss this week xxx