Friday, 2 September 2016

I wish!!

I love to read more than anything else. When I was little,  my Grand mother thought reading was a waste of time so I used go to the library and read; I read along the shelves without any preference just worked my way through the rows. I couldn't go to ballet lessons, there was no money for that but I read 'Ballet Shoes,' by Noel Streatfield and not allowed a dog so I read books where dogs were heroes.. I lived in a different world with each book. Instead of my real life with my grandmother, as my mother had died and my father remarried, my world was rich with imaginative friends, dogs and I could dance on tip toes!
Do you like to read and do you have a favourite book?

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  1. I too love reading. I am away for a brief holiday (what we in NZ call a long weekend) and my iPad is filled up with the 10 library books I am allowed on Overdrive. Reading has allowed me to travel the worl, travel in time, solve mysteries, learn so much and above all created a loooong list of what I want to see and do when I get to the UK I fell in love with through books. Pleased to hear you had such a book filled life too.