Saturday, 17 September 2016

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

That Keats poem 'Autumn' was one of many I learnt at school. It brings back some lovely memories of a group of my friends and I sitting in one of the gardens at the boarding school I went to, learning them together.. Happy days, no not just happy days, the happiest days of my younger life.
And Autumn seems to have arrived this morning, a fine misty rain and chilly. What a contrast to the last week when our temps soared to 28°C and we were desperate for rain. Well it arrived yesterday but not enough, our garden is as dry as dust. Some of my plants have died; the ones I am most upset about are my Angels Fishing Rods. I had them four years before they flowered last summer and now, dried yellow leaves. I am hoping that perhaps under the ground there will still be some of the root still viable. This afternoon we went to Southend and I took some seeds from the Angels Fishing rods growing in the flower beds on the prom front! Is that stealing?? I shall sow some now and keep some for a spring sowing. If they do germinate I don't suppose  they will flower for years!

Aren't they beautiful?

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