Saturday, 10 September 2016

Some bad news and sort of good!!

I  can walk but I can't run.. but this quote to me is great... bad news was I have put on a pound... sort of good news, was I am not eating enough!!! I can eat more..... yippee!! Have you ever been told that??

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  1. Our Slimming World Group leader used to say that. I also think using your calories wisely and not wasting them on treats helps. I have cut out sweets, cakes, puds, and squashes as don't like to use the ones with Aspartame so I have a bottle of soda water in the fridge and have that,(now that reminds me of Lord Byron's little couplet; " wine and women,food and laughter,
    crackers and soda water the day after!".
    Only fish and chips i have are homemade SW fashion in fact had sea bass and chips for dinner tonight!
    because of my heart problems and I find I lose consistently like that... not massive amounts but a loss every week for the past six weeks.