Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn has arrived!

 It is definitely autumn here,  I have broken out my warmer clothing, and needed it today in town. It was also raining just a bit and altho' I have been screaming for rain I hated it. It was cold and wet!! Our garden is so dry it is like a desert and trying to plant some new plants has been very difficult for my DH.  Digging down to plant some bulbs, it was still dry 12 " down and hard as iron.

We did our usual visit to the library this morning, and Costa's, both were crowded. There were children every where; in the library singing nursery rhymes and in Costa's just making a noise!!  I always say... thank goodness they're not mine!! Home now in the warm and cosy.

I have treated to myself a hottie bottle because I get cold feet,  but also because I keep seeing these lovely crochet covers which I thought I could do! I have actually bought a book on crochet squares, which I really, really  needed! OK so I do have another couple of books which are about 'grannies' and blankets, but you can never have enough crochet books! Don't you agree? Enjoy this time while temps here are still mid-teens, 14C and even up to 17C this afternoon... it will soon be winter, brrrrr?


PS.. I am sleeping all night, which has been bliss..yeh!

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