Friday, 21 October 2016

How does your garden grow?

I did say I'd show photos of my garden, but there are a lot of bare patches so just some individual flowers.
This lovely dahlia is from a dear friend. She thought of me as it called' Christine!'
 And this antirrhinum has cheekily  self seeded in the veg patch! 
 And I grew these for DH as he loves them..
 And waiting for labels are these eight jars of grape jelly. The same friend that gave me the dahlia gave us pounds and pounds of grapes.. so there are gallons of wine 'nurdling' on the side in our kitchen and this grape jelly, which has a wonderfully fresh grape taste... very nice indeed.
The wine making is DH's hobby and we have over a 100 bottles of all different wines in racks on the garage. You might be surprised but I rarely drink, but DH gives bottles away so it does go down and a reason for DH to make more! What's your favourite tipple?

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