Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Just a pleasant day.

We have had a really pleasant day; did a little gardening this morning. I hoed the main flower bed, it is still very, very dry so easy to riddle the little weeds. Most were marigold seedlings and love in the mist seedlings. There is no need to let them grow I have plenty seeds for spring time.
DH dug up some variegated grass, I have hated it for years and a failing rose, so we had room for a whole lot of daff bulbs DH bought from Wilko. 2.5 Kilos for £2.50 a real  bargain.  They have been planted behind where we intend the new Lutyen's bench to go, I can't wait to order it but DH say wait till we clear some of the garage so we can have some space to oil it. Product DetailsI have always wanted one of these!
Do you have any plans for your garden?
PS. We also popped to Southend.. it was so lovely there, the sea was far out but like a mill pond.


  1. Well done Chris.
    I have lost 22lbs so far!

  2. We've given up with our back garden. It's on marshy ground and the only thing that grows well is grass and willows, so we've just let it go and call it our wild life reserve, which sounds better than we just don't know what to do with it. lol. Our front garden is better drained and we have country garden perennial borders, and in the centre, a bark covered square where we have raised beds to grow vegetables. Unfortunately my husband hates gardening and will only do anything if I nag him (and I hate doing that) I don't particularly like gardening, but I do appreciate a beautiful garden, so I do as much as I can. Problem is, I have MS and I'll be 71 in a couple of weeks, so most of the time I have to shuffle around on my knees, or more often my butt, because once I get down it's impossible to get up without help. Having said that I've just ordered 200 crocus bulbs, 50 English snowdrop bulbs, 50 English bluebell bulbs, 50 fritillary bulbs, and 100 aliums. I've also ordered 270 garden ready winter flowering plants. I guess I'm going to be busy! Help! lol