Thursday, 27 October 2016

Let the baking begin!!

We have all the ingredients for 2 Christmas cakes (I always do one for my youngest son) and a large Christmas pudding as we are have DH's daughters and one hubby and one partner.. so nice to have a family Christmas.
DH and I love baking altho' with always watching what we eat these last two months we have done none, but each time I look at blogs where there are cakes I have a longing to bake.
It was the final of 'Bake Off' last evening; we will miss it. Candice won. I wanted Jane to win altho' they were all good and the cakes they made each week made my mouth water. I doubt it will be the same on Channel 4, but perhaps Mary and Sue and Mel will do something together in the future, who knows? I do hope so they are a very good team and there have been some very funny times on the show.
Do you like baking?
PS Thank you Lesley I loved your comment and like you love to plant for the spring, I would have visited your blog but couldn't find it?

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