Saturday, 22 October 2016

Slimmer of the Week!!!

Today I came home from my SW meeting with this!! I was slimmer of the week.
Amazement doesn't come anywhere near how I felt when my name was called out.. wow!!
I have now lost 11 pounds, so I am well pleased and they are such a great bunch of people too, so much laughing, One lady said she had found the 'C' choices??? We were all perplexed because there are 'A' choices, milk and cheese etc And 'B' choices bread and cereals etc, but what were 'C' choices?
Cake, crisps and chocolate she replied.. we raised the roof laughing!!   It is such a fun time and I am loving the food we are eating, recipes from the magazines and web site.. only 3 pounds to go to  my first stone loss.. I am feeling good! How are you doing that contacted me?

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