Sunday, 16 October 2016

Stormy weather on our last holiday of 2016

We decided on the hop to grab five days away in Southwold..Although we didn't have rain we had some pretty fierce winds. Most days the beach was deserted and we kept to the lower prom to walk.
 And onto the pier where as long as you were wrapped up warm you could sit and have a coffee.
 And this solitary person is me!! I didn't know DH had taken this but you can see it is me in my pink fleece which will zip up with my arm in the sling inside, so I stay warm..
I did have a dreadful cold all week, but I dosed myself up and sucked throat lozzenges and I was ok.

We had a wonderful fish lunch on Wednesday at the Smoke House down by the harbour. It looked a bit ramshackled from outside but inside it was a food gourmet's delight. Omgosh was it good
I had the mixed fish platter DH had the lobster platter. I wish I had taken photographs, because just the look of them was amazing. I had crab in its shell, smoked salmon, cockles which I love, prawns and those big shell on prawns, whelks, smoked sardines, and mussels.. with them we had a crisp green salad and chips.. there was also freshly baked crusty bread and local butter, honestly,  I'd drive the 90 miles back there just for the same again. We washed it down with a glass of chilled NZ sauvignon  blanc, the perfect compliment to the food. I couldn't eat it all so I had some of mine wrapped to take back to the cottage which we ate with some added smoked salmon the next day.
All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our week away and so did Nell.
Isn't it lovely to be able to just pop away when you're retired..anyone else do that? Being retired to do as you like is the good life!!
And while away I lost a lb so I am going down, I have now lost 9 pounds so I am happy.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lovely holiday. Congratulations on the weight loss.