Wednesday, 19 October 2016

We nearly moved to Suffolk.

My eldest son and girl friend are moving to Suffolk and so are her parents. So while we were there last week, we looked at a semi-detached Victorian styled villa (Date was probably 1900-1910) I absolutely loved it, although it needed a new kitchen and the bathroom needed some TLC too, we would have happily had it all done.  But the rest was fine and truth be told we could have just moved in without having to do anything immediately. The garden was an ok size and had some sort of attempted design, which we could easily have continued and we planned a summer house. We put in a bid of the asking price,  which we both thought was worth it... and it was accepted. So we came home to put our house on the market. We cleaned and tidied, cleared away wool, sewing bits, (me) Books, piled on a blanket box, our TBR piles, magazines, (DH) We made up the empty beds, we polished, vacuumed, cleaned windows, in fact made our house sparkle, it absolutely gleamed!!The Estate Agent thought it very saleable, but do they all say that?
BUT...The one big snag we could not change about the house in Leiston Suffolk, was Leiston itself. Omgosh it was a dire and dreary little town. I tried to think past it. It had a good library, a cinema, a large swimming pool,  a Baptist church, a famous ruined abbey, and only about 2 miles walk to the coast at Sizewell, which has a super little café. So all the basics of a town, but so dark, narrow roads, no café (well there was one but it was closed till 25th Oct.) No shops selling pretty bits and bobs and cards, although a lovely fruit shop, with displays right out onto the pavements, so just like here in Billericay.. but there was too much of 'nothing' for me. We love Billericay town, we often pop in for a mooch and a coffee.. and this house has a very large kitchen which I had built in 2002/2003 and which we have just had re-furbished.. could we  really leave here.. NO!!

 Sorry this shot had our breakfast dishes waiting to be swapped into the dishwasher.

Our kitchen measures 12'x14' I have tried to take photos all round. The doors are shaker style and a vanilla colour with steel handles, the work surfaces a block beech effect. I love it and so does DH, who is doing all the cooking at the moment.
We sit in here in the summer with the door open enjoying the scents of the garden, which is rather nice too, when we're not sitting in the garden. In the winter we sit in our conservatory..(Photos of this and the garden tomorrow's post)
So we are staying here and we are happy to do just that. It has everything we want and need, it has shops 10 minutes walk away, buses to our little town, Basildon, Chelmsford, Brentwood and Lakeside shopping centre.. so a beautiful house and convenient for all we need. And not just a pretty house, with my customed designed front door...our home.

Signing off happy... yeh... very happy.. I am happy with my 'lot'.. I have so much more than most and am very blessed..

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