Saturday, 5 November 2016

Relaxing and happy.

Now I feel I can sit down and not feel guilty.  We have spent the afternoon in the back garden. The green house is tidy and so is the shed.. we have planted some polyanthus and violas so with all the bulbs that we planted a few weeks ago, spring can come and we will have some colour!!
We have also ordered our Christmas meat, how'zat??? The local shop gave DH  a leaflet when he popped in there this morning with it all listed,  so we decided as we are having DH's girls and their men folk we'd best be organised.. we also went to my favourite little garden nursery to check when he was having his Christmas trees, so we can get a medium sized one before they all get sold.. so having bought our cards we are feeling ahead of the game!! yeh!!
Outside I didn't feel a bit cold, not even my feet even tho' the temps are only 8C Probably because I was moving around.
Next job to do in the garden is to sort out the top, where we dump pots and odd bits, if it's dry and I am up to it, that could be a job tomorrow. That rain yesterday was just enough to soften the soil and I have been able to riddle out the small weeds with the hoe left handed, mostly marigolds and love in the mist.. once you've got those plants you have them for ever!
I feel I have got my garden back and I am a happy bunny. Are you already preparing for Christmas? Sorry if I am early!



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