Monday, 14 November 2016

We are moving!!

We are moving to Suffolk!!  The house is in Leiston, not our beloved Southwold because houses in Southwold have an average price of £500,000 so out of our price range. We will have money left from the sale of this house to put in a new kitchen and bathroom and we are looking at a possible summer house as there is no conservatory. It will be a change for us, but I walked all round Leiston on Friday afternoon and the town looked a lot better to me than I thought before.  There is a small wool/fabric shop there!! But it is a small town with only one of everything, eg, a Coop supermarket, a green grocer, which looked lovely, one butcher and two cafes, one is an organic one, very nice so a typical small town. But a great library and a Baptist church so suits me. I liked the fact I could just walk to the high st. One thing DH wasn't too pleased about was there were 3 barber shops, perhaps more, he doesn't like having his hair cut so not his favourite place!!LOL
Saxmundon is only 4 miles away with a Tesco, Waitrose and a Costa, so what more could we want?? The nearest beach is a shingle one about 2 miles away by road,  but the lady in the house walks there with her dog along footpaths and says it's about a mile, so walkable.
So we are very happy and it is a house we have chosen together.

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