Monday, 5 December 2016


 Yesterday we had DD and her family for dinner. They ate everything, but were their usual noisy argumentative selves. Not my DD but her OH.. Gosh, can he talk.. and he is such a big headed prat. At one point later on in the afternoon, when we were having a cup of tea and a delicious piece of Victoria sponge with it made by my lovely husband, I suddenly thought why am I sitting here politely listening to this wind bag in my own house. His latest carp is why should older people have early morning appointments at the Drs,  when people who work have later appointments.??  What ??? So older people can't have the same service as those people who work? So I got up and left the room! He then had his usually hissy fit and they left, him striding ahead to their car, he is so rude. He didn't even say good bye to my DH. And they had had a superb meal, and went off carrying 2 full carriers of carefully wrapped, loving bought presents.
 So you may understand why I would long to be away from them all. Earlier on I had received a phone call from DS's girlfriend, her parents move to Suffolk has been moved forward to this coming Friday 9th Dec. eeeek !! They were packing and wanted to borrow some plant pots. While I don't envy their move so quickly, I had a lovely thought of how lovely it would be if we could be in Suffolk for  Christmas, I 'd really love that.
I can't wait now... it is going to be bliss.


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