Monday, 12 December 2016

Worrying over!

Did I say I had been having sleepless nights? I just couldn't see how we would cope with the garage 'stuff.'
Dh thought a few trips to the dump would do it, but that didn't seem possible to me. I had arranged for the council to collect three items, the cost was only £10 but we had a lot of 'stuff,' more than three item!! Small bits and pieces, old tools, screws, nails, paint pots and lots of other  'stuff.' Friday we sat and talked and I convinced DH we needed a skip for all the 'stuff.'
Well the shed is tidy and free of 'stuff' and a lot of 'stuff' has gone out of the garage, yeh!! I feel so much better and the skip is nearly full. I can sleep at last!
Do you have collections of stuff?


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  1. Oh, I have so much 'stuff', mainly fabric, embroidery silks, ribbon, lace, sequins, buttons. In fact I'd have to live to at least 300 to use it all. And as I'm 71, and not too well, I can't see that happening, so this morning I told my husband I was getting rid of most of it. I don't think he believed me. He knows how attached I am to it, which is extremely silly, as much of it has been in boxes that I haven't opened for years. I expect there's some deep psychological reason for this hoarding, but my husband reckons I just like spending money. lol