Monday, 29 August 2016

OMGOSH....the camera doesn't lie!!

Yep that is me... this was our last morning at Southwold, where we had spent yet another lovely week. We have had four separate week holidays this summer, three in Southwold. It is such a lovely place.. the week was very hot, some afternoons we stayed inside the cool of the apartment; it was already 18C when these photos were taken at 10 am.

My lovely OH looking cool, why do I go red in the face when I feel hot and other people don't?

Nell loved it too

Such a pretty place and miles of golden sand.
We drank coffee on the pier some mornings. And I walked every day, one day 1.2 miles!
And I lost 2 pounds while we were away!! The first time I have ever lost weight on a holiday, but even eating out we kept to our food plan.
Happy, happy days, ones to remember for ever.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mornings in the garden

Wren perching on a branch (c) Gray Clements
This morning while eating our breakfast in the garden, we were suddenly aware of a flurry of birds. We have two bird feeders in a crab apple tree and two more in a side border. There were blue tits, long tail tits, great tits, the noisy gold finches and some green finches and then suddenly to our delight a wren; so pretty and so tiny, he landed on the small weeping birch, looked around, hopped on to the bird bath, had a drink and flew off.
One day a while ago, we watched one all day making a nest in our clematis montana, he was all day. But they didn't use it. It seems the males makes several nests and then the female choses one and obviously ours wasn't good enough for her!!
So a lovely surprise for us this morning, I don't think we will ever get tired of watching the birds.
Do you enjoy them too?

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What makes you happy?

We popped into our little town yesterday, DH needed a hair cut badly and one of my books by Louise Doughty was in to collect from the library. We stopped for a coffee, I chatted to someone I knew through Slimming World which made me realise that was what I needed,  to get back into losing weight. It's four weeks since I decided my need was to lose 3 stone by Christmas, which meant a monthly loss of 7 pounds at least, I have lost a pound!!  Being very over weight doesn't make me happy. We eat the proper food, lunch yesterday was baked salmon and prawns with a full salad, which included our own tomatoes and grated carrots from our own garden, and dinner last evening was stir fry chicken and a mixture of peppers, onions, beans, carrots and teriyaki sauce that DH makes. Both meals followed by fresh fruit and a yogurt after dinner. All prepared and cooked by DH. Today I have walked 0.8 miles and most of that was up hill. So I am trying, but on other occasions I let myself down by eating off plan. Talking it through with DH last evening, while we sitting outside in the garden,  saying how unhappy I am about my weight, he just said.. 'look around.. this is a lovely place, I love it and am very happy here.' (his words) And I know what he means, our garden is a lovely place to be, we love sitting outside in it and do for all our meals; the house is our lovely home, we love living here.. he always says he loves me and kisses, and never goes out without kissing me goodbye every time. So I guess that's what happiness is... being loved, loving someone and being happy with what you have. 
I know I am blessed. How did I manage to meet such a wonderful person?


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A miracle

How can such a small round black and hard seed produce such sweet scented
It is surely one of God's many miracles!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

A New Author for me

Product Details
I found a new author for me... I picked up 'Stone Cradle' when I was last in the library and loved it. Not just a good story but also good writing. 'The Stone Cradle' is about a Romany family. Told from the alternate viewpoints of Clementine and Rose, her `gorger' daughter in law, it ranges across several generations of the Romany family from the nineteenth century up until 1960, but it's quite a step above the family saga type of novel, portraying what feels like an authentic picture of Romany life in and around Peterborough during that period. The characterisation is strong and the setting evocative. I loved the setting of the Fens and the vividness with which the author  portrayed the landscape and how it affected the characters. The two women, mother in law and daughter in law, from two different cultures, and their antagonisms, and yet grudging acceptance of each other over the years, was so rich and earnest. This is a book to get lost in, to relish the writing as well as the story, to be stopped in the midst of the flow by a description. As well as this the lives of the Romanies are honestly and lovingly, yet without sentimentality, brought to life within Stone Cradle. A book well worth reading.

is a totally different story, showing the talent of Louise Doughty.

 Yvonne Carmichael is fifty two years old, married with two grown children. Yvonne and her husband, Guy, have a comfortable marriage, both with demanding jobs that seem to fulfil their lives. Then, suddenly, she finds herself in a quandary -- married, having a hot and lustful affair, falling into a deep web of deception, half-truths, full lies.   
A middle-class woman with a comfortable middle-class life. That is how she likes it - until she is seduced by this enigmatic man who likes sex in risky places and whom she is incapable of resisting. She knows it isn’t forever, that to him she is just another woman in a long line of women, but her feelings for him begin to develop into something more,  although the excitement, the ability to step out of her safe life, to be someone else if even for a few minutes, is bewitching. Then something brutal and unimaginable happens and how these lovers deal with it threatens to unmask their secret and destroy their lives.
This story gripped me and I couldn't put it down, I would be very surprised if you didn't find it worth reading.
I have ordered her other books from the library, and can't wait to read those too.
What would I do without books, what about you?


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What shall we do?

Yesterday we were going to the cinema to see the new ' Ghost Busters' film, however we were extremely tired being woken up by our lovely Nell at 5:00am, barking. This isn't the first time she has done this recently. So going to the cinema would have been a totally waste of time as in the dark and warm we would have been asleep as soon as the lights dimmed before the film even started, so we decided a brisk walk along Southend prom would be better. It rained the whole time and we dozed in the car!! But it was enjoyable watching the gulls bobbing up and down on the choppy waves and people battling with their umbrellas in the wind!
After dinner last night we both slept for 2 hours.  The little monster was awake barking at 5 again today grrrrrrrr,  but I went back to sleep. DH came down and slept on the settee with Nell on her blanket in the corner. 
With the sun shining today  we have done some gardening now the rain has softened the soil. We have done really well and another afternoon like today and we will have done the main flower border yeh!!!  I hate the weeds in my flower beds. Dh has decided to get rid of the strawberries in the veg patch to make more room for salad stuff. We have had some really good iceberg lettuces this year and French beans, so some one on Freecycle will be receiving our strawberries. Isn't a nice feeling when you have a good gardening session?


Monday, 1 August 2016

Monday wash day

We are creatures of habit and usually do our bedding on a Monday..
and today for the first time we have put on the clean duvet cover by rolling up the duvet in the cover and it works.
First turn cover inside out
Lay it flat on the bed
Place duvet on top with the opening at the bottom of the bed.
Roll both together from the top
Then at the opening push the duvet inside each corner of the cover
Unroll and do up fastenings and flick and voila it is done.
There are loads of you tube demos of this, take a look.
It is really very easy
Why didn't I know this years ago when with 4 children I was all morning changing the beds.
Try this method and see for yourself.