Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Moving day... NOT!

Today was to be our moving day and we are still here. The day hasn't been helped by the fact I still have this dreadful chesty cough and cold. I am taking cough medicine as suggested by Boots pharmacist, so hopefully I will turn the corner soon. I have had it for 6 days now. We went to town this morning to pick up my new glasses, £427 !! But I need varilux and it is the lenses that cost the most.
Then this afternoon, we had a quick trip to Southend to blow away the cobwebs and I really needed that fresh air as I feel I can't breath. I had a horrible night and was awake from 3:00am. In fact I came down stairs and watched some recorded programmes of King Edward and Wallis Simpson, very interesting. Then I dropped off to sleep in my arm chair. I hope I 'll sleep better tonight.
I seem to be ill all the time lately, getting old is definitely not for sissies (Bette Davis)
Hurry up spring time!


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Life goes on ......

..... in spite of the fact that even tho' our house chain is complete again, it could be 8 weeks for these new buyers go through the process with their house buying... 8 more weeks and we are living in 'box city' with all our packing!
So DH has moved the boxes out of our lounge into the conservatory so we look normal in there again. We had our usual Saturday a trip into town for a coffee and a visit to the library even though, we thought a week ago it would be our last visit there!!
A few weeks ago we were imagining ourselves in Suffolk on a Saturday morning, visiting the library there and the little cafĂ© with it's fresh home made cakes; ah well we can still dream and it is all back on track. We will move there eventually, in fact we are planning a weekend at a B n B, there visiting friends who have just moved there and my #1DS will be there too.  So we have slipped back into our regular days. DH cleared the ironing yesterday and we have tidied and cleaned today. I dust one handed! And tomorrow we have booked a table at our nearest pub that does very, very nice meals. So every day life goes on!


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

There is light at the end of the tunnel

After a horrible Monday, things have turned around.. first I went to the ENT dept Tuesday morning and had my nose bleeds sorted. Not pleasant but had my bleeding nostril cauterised. It didn't hurt that much,  but I don't want to go through that again. He was a very nice young Dr who was gentle and knew what he was doing. I left the hospital with a huge dissolvable sponge up my nose. Sounds worse than it was.

I did however have a head ache later on and my face ached. I got in and out of bed five times because I couldn't get comfortable, eventually I got my pillows just right, took 2 paracetamol and settled down and slept till 3:00am I woke up coughing, DH got me some cough medicine and a lemon drink and I did go back to sleep till 7:00am. Of course we have the dog with us, all the packing and boxes round has unsettled her and she cries and barks as soon we get into bed, so she is with us on the bed!

But also some very,  very good news, our buyers have new buyers, who looked at the house back in November, so we're back on track.. hoping now it will be sorted by end of February or earlier.. yeh!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Not good news

Yesterday afternoon a phone call set off a chain of events that were not good. Our estate agent called to say that our house buyers' buyers have decided not to buy!! We were devastated as we were packed were ready to move next Tuesday 31st Jan. The bad news hit me and whoosh I had another awful nose bleed.. this is the second in days. They can last for hours so we ended up in casualty and waited 3 1/4 hours, but today I am to see an ENT Dr and so I will have some treatment for it. My B/P was 210/97 so very high. We are, needless to say, very upset at the news that the people at the bottom of the chain have dropped out. We have cancelled our removal firm but also we had cancelled out internet firm and arranged for a new one at the house in Suffolk. Our worry now is that the vendors will decide to put the house we want to buy back on the market. We have decided not to do that, but to wait for our buyers to find new buyers.. stress, stress, stress!!
So I am not in a good place at the moment.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A real bargain....

Since breaking my arm I have only worn blouses and cardigans and tee shirts in the summer.
Jumpers are too awkward to get on and uncomfortable on my arm.
So I am always on the look out for bargain and this was just that.
A wool mixture cardigan that could be worn in the spring/ autumn as a jacket and reduced to £12 instead of £32.50!!
And my large size too, which I don't often find so I am thrilled!
Doesn't it look good and my colour too?
I love it!!
What do you think?

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

So true

Image may contain: ocean and textAbout five years ago my youngest son took offence at something he thought I had said on the phone.. hung up abruptly and hasn't spoken to me since.  I send him cards, take around presents and leave them outside his house and text him now and then, but he doesn't respond. He doesn't talk to his brother  or sister either. We have all tried to make contact with him, to no avail... but I will keep trying and praying. It makes me very sad sometimes and I weep as he was such a loving little boy.
Now moving away from Essex it breaks my heart when I think I may never see him again..
Grown children can be so hard!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Brrrrrrrr !!

In the last half an hour this arrived, this is just outside our back door.
Needless to say, Nell did not want to go out in it..clever little dog!
Hope where you are, you're toasty warm.
This is when I use my crochet shawls, just round my shoulders, I hate being cold, what about you?

Saturday, 7 January 2017

I need this on my fridge !!!

Image may contain: text

You've made my day .....

.............she said with a glorious smile. All I said was nice name,  hers was Naskene, she served us in B&Q this morning. Being a retired teacher I have a thing about names. All the 'Deans' I ever taught were 'difficult'(naughty) And the Cloes, were angels.. my favourite name was Leah, I don't know why I just liked it.
But Naskene's remark  and smile made my day too.

It has been a horrible few days on the moving front, so her smile was wonderful. Although yesterday my DH nearly kissed the man from Basildon Council Planning Dept!!
We didn't have the final certificate for the extension I had built in 2004, I had the first one giving permission to build, and various ok stamps on the plans, but no final certificate to say it was ok! We had visions of a large section of the ceiling being cut out and had a builder, we have used in the past standing by.. but joy of joys, he looked at the kitchen, admired the loft structure in the garage and asked to look at the gas certificates, which I had and said it passed the final inspection.. what a weight off our shoulders as we are near to completion!  That's when DH felt ,like giving him a kiss. Yeh we slept like logs last night and even overslept this morning, but that could be because the dog woke us at 5:00am And we all went back to sleep after she joined us.  Gosh this moving house couldn't get more stressful.
Roll on moving day, so when we're there we can relax!!
And yesterday in the sunshine, I heard the song of the long tailed tit..teeecher teeecher teeecher, first time since our wintery weather started, they must think spring is on it's way...spring wouldn't that be bliss?


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Packing up a life.

On the packing front, we seem to be doing ok and today I have organised our dental check up for next week instead of February  and I have been for an eye test this afternoon. It wasn't our usual optician, so bit disappointing there. A young man who wanted me to spend £40 for an extra check on a special machine; I said no thanks.  My cataracts are no worse,  so no change there, otherwise my eyes are fine altho' he offered me a greater  magnification  lenses even tho' my sight with my glasses are at their optimum, so said no to new glasses from him.  I will go to Boots for the points!! These I am wearing were £424 in 2015 from there!
Also we are having Oven Clean for the cooker and we are so excited we have found a toilet brush head that fits our swanky stainless steel one in B&Q...... YEH  only 79p. The brush set cost me £29.99 five years ago so I am so pleased. Silly or what???
So a good trip out and we only went out for a break, for a Costa coffee! We went to B&Q for me to get some walking done! And as we walked along I hit my daily target on my Fitbit and there was a 'rocket' on the screen, such fun!
Also we feel we are in the 21st century because we checked the price of bubble wrap in B&Q  with Amazon's...   Amazon are much cheaper, so win win all round.
I phoned our conveyancer this morning, to check moving dates and she said definitely after 20th Jan. so we feel the pressure is off us, whew
I feel a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I feel good we have emptied the wardrobes, altho' the removal firm said they have rails for you to hang up your clothes, I couldn't face the rush to hang them into  the wardrobes in the Suffolk house, so they are all packed in suitcases except for a few changes to wear now and our big winter coats.   Anyway I have convinced DH it all takes longer than you think to pack, so we have a daily 'to do list' and cut off days to make sure we keep focused!
He has papers and photos to sift thro' from when we moved back here 4 1/2 years ago.  Me? I am little miss goody shoes and did mine a few years ago. I guess we might be taking DH's stuff to sort there, one day!! But saying that he has packed up the shed and brought the mowers and electric rake into the garage, so progress.... Hurrah!! We're moving to Suffolk...To think we could be here in 4 weeks! Bliss....


Monday, 2 January 2017

Why did I say let's move???

We are spending our days packing and oh how difficult it is proving.. We have managed to empty our vast wardrobes because they are fitted in the bedrooms. That wasn't too hard because we knew what we have to leave to wear now.. but all those things we keep and books and books and books.
I have had a few silent screaming rages because I have so much stuff to pack and can't decide whether to charity shop some stuff or not!
I need to decide tomorrow, it is so hard. I have broaches of my aunty, I have had them for years, so shall I give them away??? Too many books, I have given my 10 volumes of my Arthur Mees encyclopaedias away, that was very hard, and then there's my craft stuff, loads of it.
We have made progress but it is back breaking! We are having all the china and glassware packed by the removal firm, but we still have a lot of stuff to pack ourselves.. I now can't wait to be there in Suffolk and we will unpack in our own time with tea breaks and walks by the sea, so it will all be worth it in the end, won't it?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

With the new year I look back on 2016, what a horrible year it was. Two ops on my arm, both failed and my shoulder dislocating. A lot of pain and my arm is still duff! But looking with hope to seeing the new surgeon in the London hospital that she can give me back the use of my arm, and with it my life.
And we have the move to Suffolk to look forward to. We talk about more and more now and while out walking we imagine walking there!
My Fitbit has encouraged me to walk more and it's funny little messages make me laugh.. while sitting still last evening it 'buzzed' me and asked..'fancy a stoll?'
I  haven't done 10,000 steps yet but I can see it could be possible.
So Happy New Year to all friends... and may 2017 smile on us all.