Saturday, 28 January 2017

Life goes on ......

..... in spite of the fact that even tho' our house chain is complete again, it could be 8 weeks for these new buyers go through the process with their house buying... 8 more weeks and we are living in 'box city' with all our packing!
So DH has moved the boxes out of our lounge into the conservatory so we look normal in there again. We had our usual Saturday a trip into town for a coffee and a visit to the library even though, we thought a week ago it would be our last visit there!!
A few weeks ago we were imagining ourselves in Suffolk on a Saturday morning, visiting the library there and the little café with it's fresh home made cakes; ah well we can still dream and it is all back on track. We will move there eventually, in fact we are planning a weekend at a B n B, there visiting friends who have just moved there and my #1DS will be there too.  So we have slipped back into our regular days. DH cleared the ironing yesterday and we have tidied and cleaned today. I dust one handed! And tomorrow we have booked a table at our nearest pub that does very, very nice meals. So every day life goes on!



  1. So pleased to read your move is back in sight again.We are having house move issues too I'm beginning to think its a wonder anyone moves anywhere!

  2. I hope things go through quickly for you. Such a disappointment when the process falls through. I'm hoping ours is trouble free. All our contracts are signed and returned to our solicitor, waiting to hear when they'll be exchanged and hoping above hope for a completion date in approx 2 weeks time. This is the third property we offered on so I really am hoping that now we've got this far it's third time lucky.