Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Packing up a life.

On the packing front, we seem to be doing ok and today I have organised our dental check up for next week instead of February  and I have been for an eye test this afternoon. It wasn't our usual optician, so bit disappointing there. A young man who wanted me to spend £40 for an extra check on a special machine; I said no thanks.  My cataracts are no worse,  so no change there, otherwise my eyes are fine altho' he offered me a greater  magnification  lenses even tho' my sight with my glasses are at their optimum, so said no to new glasses from him.  I will go to Boots for the points!! These I am wearing were £424 in 2015 from there!
Also we are having Oven Clean for the cooker and we are so excited we have found a toilet brush head that fits our swanky stainless steel one in B&Q...... YEH  only 79p. The brush set cost me £29.99 five years ago so I am so pleased. Silly or what???
So a good trip out and we only went out for a break, for a Costa coffee! We went to B&Q for me to get some walking done! And as we walked along I hit my daily target on my Fitbit and there was a 'rocket' on the screen, such fun!
Also we feel we are in the 21st century because we checked the price of bubble wrap in B&Q  with Amazon's...   Amazon are much cheaper, so win win all round.
I phoned our conveyancer this morning, to check moving dates and she said definitely after 20th Jan. so we feel the pressure is off us, whew
I feel a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I feel good we have emptied the wardrobes, altho' the removal firm said they have rails for you to hang up your clothes, I couldn't face the rush to hang them into  the wardrobes in the Suffolk house, so they are all packed in suitcases except for a few changes to wear now and our big winter coats.   Anyway I have convinced DH it all takes longer than you think to pack, so we have a daily 'to do list' and cut off days to make sure we keep focused!
He has papers and photos to sift thro' from when we moved back here 4 1/2 years ago.  Me? I am little miss goody shoes and did mine a few years ago. I guess we might be taking DH's stuff to sort there, one day!! But saying that he has packed up the shed and brought the mowers and electric rake into the garage, so progress.... Hurrah!! We're moving to Suffolk...To think we could be here in 4 weeks! Bliss....


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  1. I've just got new spectacles. As always they send to Zeiss in Germany for the special lenses so all in all it's expensive. I chose a metal frame this time to last me well into retirement but even so the total was $2000=£1000?? I save a little each week to make sure I can afford the biannual checks. Incipient glaucoma means needs must but it is an expense I dread when I do retire. I'm living on the amount of the pension and saving the rest this year too -love a challenge. All the best for the move.