Wednesday, 25 January 2017

There is light at the end of the tunnel

After a horrible Monday, things have turned around.. first I went to the ENT dept Tuesday morning and had my nose bleeds sorted. Not pleasant but had my bleeding nostril cauterised. It didn't hurt that much,  but I don't want to go through that again. He was a very nice young Dr who was gentle and knew what he was doing. I left the hospital with a huge dissolvable sponge up my nose. Sounds worse than it was.

I did however have a head ache later on and my face ached. I got in and out of bed five times because I couldn't get comfortable, eventually I got my pillows just right, took 2 paracetamol and settled down and slept till 3:00am I woke up coughing, DH got me some cough medicine and a lemon drink and I did go back to sleep till 7:00am. Of course we have the dog with us, all the packing and boxes round has unsettled her and she cries and barks as soon we get into bed, so she is with us on the bed!

But also some very,  very good news, our buyers have new buyers, who looked at the house back in November, so we're back on track.. hoping now it will be sorted by end of February or earlier.. yeh!!

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