Saturday, 7 January 2017

You've made my day .....

.............she said with a glorious smile. All I said was nice name,  hers was Naskene, she served us in B&Q this morning. Being a retired teacher I have a thing about names. All the 'Deans' I ever taught were 'difficult'(naughty) And the Cloes, were angels.. my favourite name was Leah, I don't know why I just liked it.
But Naskene's remark  and smile made my day too.

It has been a horrible few days on the moving front, so her smile was wonderful. Although yesterday my DH nearly kissed the man from Basildon Council Planning Dept!!
We didn't have the final certificate for the extension I had built in 2004, I had the first one giving permission to build, and various ok stamps on the plans, but no final certificate to say it was ok! We had visions of a large section of the ceiling being cut out and had a builder, we have used in the past standing by.. but joy of joys, he looked at the kitchen, admired the loft structure in the garage and asked to look at the gas certificates, which I had and said it passed the final inspection.. what a weight off our shoulders as we are near to completion!  That's when DH felt ,like giving him a kiss. Yeh we slept like logs last night and even overslept this morning, but that could be because the dog woke us at 5:00am And we all went back to sleep after she joined us.  Gosh this moving house couldn't get more stressful.
Roll on moving day, so when we're there we can relax!!
And yesterday in the sunshine, I heard the song of the long tailed tit..teeecher teeecher teeecher, first time since our wintery weather started, they must think spring is on it's way...spring wouldn't that be bliss?


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