Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Happy Shrove Tuesday, some memories.

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Shrove Tuesday today... yum pancakes, but we have decided to only have two each at tea time, I could eat them all day and did last year!
When all my children were home and before I divorced, there were six of us and I used to have two frying pans on the go and made four each for all of us!! My youngest Ds loved them and by the time he was 16 he was making them for me and himself. We had moved into my house I bought once I was 'free!!' He always tossed them and we sat and gorged ourselves; pancakes with lemon and sugar were our favourites. So many happy, happy memories.
Omgosh looking at these have made me feel like one NOW!!
Will you be having pancakes?

Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Struggle

Anyone who knows me will know I struggle with  losing weight. I put on 22lbs within the first few months after breaking my arm and I was very over weight even before that. I returned to Slimming World, which does work when I keep to the food plan. Because I haven't been well in the last 4 weeks my weight loss has struggled.
Over all in the 29 weeks I have been giving SW £4.85 I have only lost 12lbs!! That's less than a pound a week, in fact it is 0.413lbs... at this rate by the end of the year I will only have lost 16 pounds.
However if I could lose a 1lb a week that would be 44lbs
1 lb=44lbs=3.1st
2lbs=88lbs=6.2st...oh how I wish!!
But 1.5 would be good.
That is possible and something I could do, so come on Chris, get going. Even this 12lbs loss has meant I can pull up my knicks more easily, so just 2 more pounds would be a stone, yeh!!
I buy my clothes from M&S and altho' there isn't one near to where we're moving, 16miles away in a shopping area there is a food store, so I could order clothes to pick up there... but... there is a Next store there and I would love to be able to buy clothes from there!!
Anyone else struggling?

I haven't worn jeans for years, love this jacket.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Happy Sad day

25th February is my youngest son's birthday.. this is the son, now 46 who hasn't spoken to me for over 5 years. I get very weepy when I think about him and how he is with me today. He was such a lovely boy and used to sneak into our bedroom and crawl around the bed on his hands and knees to whisper, 'mummy do you want a cup of tea?' He was 8 and it was 6:00am!! ... in that house we used to sit in the kitchen together before anyone else got up and laugh and talk and practise his spellings for school. I have such happy memories of him. He and  I were really close and after my divorce,  he was 16 at that time,  he lived with me till he bought his own house at age 22..but as it wasn't that far from me, so he was always popping back to borrow things.
I had saved up and bought a new lounge carpet and made some fun signs of a pair of boots in a red circle with a diagonal line through it to signify 'No Boots Allowed.'
A few days later I came home from work to a note from him in  my kitchen...
' Dear Mum, borrowed a fish slice and by the way, nice carpet, I walked on it in my boots!!'  He was such a fun young man. When a few years later, he had a dreadful upset with a young woman, he came to live with me, here in this house, while he got himself together, sold his house and bought a bigger one and today he has an even bigger detached house worth over £500,000, but alone. I love and miss him so much and I pray for him all the time.. hope he has a happy day with someone to share it with. He has a little dachound dog Maisie, who goes everywhere with him.
I looked after her for a week while my son was on holiday not long after he got her. What a naughty girl she was, she wore me out and I couldn't wait to give her back!!

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Our most favourite place in the world.....

.........is the sea-side.. But this is Southend. I was born and grew up by the sea in S. Wales. For a while I used to look in Southend for a house. It had to be within walking distance of the sea front, have at least three bedrooms and a downstairs loo, or at least a place to have one put in... but I could never coordinate selling and buying, and properties in our price range sold like hot cakes. Then  I found the Suffolk house and loved it. OK it isn't a stone's throw from the sea, but it's not far and sea is sea where ever you are and in Suffolk, we will have a lovely house and be near my #1Ds, so I am very happy.
It looked deserted today although there were people like us walking in the sunshine.  The sea was like a mill pond....The palm trees were planted a few years ago at a £1000 each; the first year they all died, not enough rain, would you believe? But this second lot have had regular watering and are flourishing.
The bench is one of many  on the prom, as a memorial to someone and something Dh and I would like to have with our names; we have spent so many very happy afternoons there.
Here he is with his binoculars, watching the ships. He has a phone ap. that tells you the name of the ship, its cargo, where it came from and where it is going.
It is very interesting even I like to know about the ships.
 And here I am, squinting against the sun.. this morning I had my bob hair cut into short layers.
 A scarf was needed I am terrified of getting a cold, it could trigger a nose bleed so I am being careful. Behind me is Rossi's cafĂ©, great coffee and amazing Italian ice-cream, we will miss that in Suffolk. We haven't found an ice-cream to match it.
Such a lovely day, the calm after the storm. Hope you had a good day too.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

What wind!!

Well storm Doris took a fence panel, but we stopped her taking the post and the next panel as well.  My Dh can be a bit of a defeatist, while I can always think of a way to get around things. I think this might be because, before I met my Dh I was alone, and had very little spare money. So I found ways to cope and do things within my physical and financial capabilities. We tied the post to the wheel barrow,  which was weighted down with some large garden pebbles, some bricks, the metal base of the umbrella and a bag of compost. It stopped the post and next in line fence panel being whipped back and fro, so we only have the one panel to replace! Dh was thinking several panels would have to be replaced, because he said, ' how can we stop the wind?' .......' Our wheel barrow and some bits,' I said.
I have a woman's view on most things and can always find a temporary way to cope!!  Hope you survived Doris..

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A solitary one!

I have been blessed with some cards to say... 'Get Well' and I want to, so they have cheered me up.
With them is the basket of tete a tete I planted early December. I have brought them into the house to encourage the other shoots to flower, that little one looks very lonely!
 This one card is from a special friend how well she knows me!
I am feeling a lot better already! I have walked around the garden and the bulbs are all up, there are 5 camassia shoots, so that will be a lovely show for the new owners.
This was them last year, I will have to buy some bulbs for our new home!

A ticking bomb!

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 Yesterday started off well for me. I had a dental appointment to sort out a new little denture, thank goodness the missing teeth are not dead centre! I came home and went straight up to the green house. I trimmed back some trailing pelargoniums which I had put to winter in there, but with this mild winter they had grown! They were very pretty last summer, a single, pale pink flower. A great display in my front pots.

I also cut back some other plants in there too, and checked the grape vine, which is fine. My basket of tete a tete are just starting to flower, so they can come inside today.
But then to my horror my nose started to bleed. I was hysterical crying, thinking I would have to go through having those excruciating nose plugs inserted again, but Dh calmed me down, getting me to deep breathe and think calm! And it stopped after only a little bleed but I feel I am sitting on a ticking bomb. I am hoping and praying it will be ok.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Thank you, who ever you are!!

There is always the problem when you buy new what do you do with the old? We bought a new TV, the week before last, so the old to, the dump or... Freecycle? Well the picture didn't always come on, so we didn't want to foist an old TV on someone that didn't always work. Tuesday is our rubbish collection day and usually the 'scrappy' comes round collecting anything that has been left outside. Next door had put out a phut dish washer,  so Dh put out our TV.. We went out and when we came back our old TV had gone, but not next doors dishwasher, so who ever took our old TV, we say thank you!! What do you do with your old stuff?
One man's rubbish is another man's treasure!!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not for me, I LOVE LOVE retirement.

We have settled back into our usual weekend routine, trying not to think  that one month ago we were getting ready to move, and it all fell apart when the people at the bottom of the chain dropped out. We will move just not so soon. We have sat and read the paper this morning relaxing as the chicken cooked.
Dh surprised me yesterday by saying, every now and then, he has a feeling that he'd like to be on the flight deck, fresh wind and the smell of the plane exhausts. He was in the Navy, joined up when he was 15 years old!! He asked didn't I sometimes think myself back at work.... whooooeee definitely NOT FOR ME!! I replied, I am very, very happy being retired. I love the freedom of no time ties, doing as we want. Going out when the sun is shining, leaving the housework for a rainy day.

I feel a bit more myself today after my traumatic time last week. We have had a very tasty chicken dinner, followed by an open fruit tart, (made by Mr Waitrose) with clotted cream. And for tea, some dainty crustless sandwiches, smoked salmon and cream cheese and ham. Then Dh had made some scones, so strawberry jam and the remains of the cream came out to make it a truly yummy tea.
So no dieting today, I needed some tlc and Dh did just that!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Has it arrived???

In the dropped brown leaves of our bramley apple tree are these beauts!
Over the years I have bought 100s in the 'green' and each year I buy more.. but not this year until we move.
To me like all gardeners they herald the spring, it is coming!
 And these hellebores too flower at this time of year. I have taken a root of these for our new house; can't wait now to get  there.
Today we have had blue skies and sunshine and as we sat in our favourite coffee shop, we imagined ourselves in Suffolk, over looking the sea. Oh how I wish we were already there!
Have you snowdrops in your garden, heralding Spring?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

How our minds play tricks on us.

We have been watching a delightful little Australian drama in the afternoons, called 'A Place Called Home,' It is set near Sydney, where we have been and set in the time of the 1950s.
Strange seeing the fashions of that time, all the women wearing hats and the men wearing ties and trilby hats. It is a typical family story with jealousy, deception and lies, but we are really enjoying it.
While watching it one day last week, one of the actors reminded me of my Aunty Glad, who brought me up with my grandmother after my mother died, when I was two. It was so real watching this actor, that after I switched off I suddenly thought I 'll phone my Aunt, but she died in 1990, but it seemed so real. We used to talk two or three times a week, so I really missed her and still do sometimes. She never said she loved me but people didn't in those days,  but she showed it in a hundred ways.
Do you have someone you used to phone and would love to now?

Friday, 10 February 2017

Feeling better

For the first time for over two weeks, I have woken up this morning feeling a lot, lot better, yeh! I was beginning to think I would never be well again and this was how being old was!! Just like my school girl friend once said, 'Getting old is bloody awful'
But I feel I have slept well. Ok, Nell woke us at 4:30am, but Dh just got her and she settled on the bed and we all went back to sleep. I say Dh got her, but he just opened the kitchen door and she romps up the stairs and takes a flying leap on to the bed, and after having a 'here I am' wiggle she settled down.
I saw this on someone's blog, and knew this was a book for me.
I bought 'In Falling Snow' from a recommendation of a fellow blogger and my gosh it was a lovely book. But the blurb on this reminded me of 'Elizabeth is Missing,' which I loved.. can't wait to start reading it.
Product Details
Very cold here today -2 C and we are forecast snow, ugh! A day to stay in side and keeping toasty warm, I wear M&S strappy vest tops these days, best thing I have ever done! So does that makes me old? I guess it does!
What do you wear as you've got older that you didn't when you were younger?

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Birthday girl

This beautiful little girl is 8 today. She gives us such pleasure, but has always been her own little person and often tells us so in no uncertain terms.
Dh is totally under her control!!
As it was her birthday, her treats today have been slices of sausage and of course lots of hugs.

We love her as much as she loves us.  Beautiful Nell.
 Do you have a four legged friend, well she is more than a friend, she is our baby really!!
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Pam, Margaret, Mair, Maggie, Sandie and flowertotmum.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Busy time...

.......... But not me! Dh has made marmalade, he loves doing things like this. He hadn't planned on this because of moving and then when our moving date was postponed , he went out and bought the Seville oranges.
It is delicious, I have had it two morning running and on white bread toasted with butter, not the food plan, which I am still doing. Weight loss is very slow but I have lost my Christmas weight. I need to keep at it as a couple pounds more off and I will have lost a stone!

 And me? I just bought a pot of tete a tete little daffs. They are so pretty and herald spring to me.
We do have loads of daffs and tulips through in the garden, which we planted when in October we decided we wouldn't move! We thought, well if we're not moving we might as well get the garden ready for spring. The year before because of my broken arm I planted a whole lot of bulbs in pots, so we planted them all in the garden, so they will be a lovely display for the new people. The snowdrops are just popping up when they are, I 'll post a pic.
Roll on spring, I am fed up of winter.. what about you?

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Yellow Stickers

I love looking at blogs where the blogger is trying and succeeding to save money. I don't squander money and do look at prices but don't often buy reduced 'yellow labelled' items, mainly because we shop regularly on a Thursday morning at the same supermarket (T---o) and there are rarely reduced food items. But today I was sorely tempted as we were in our little town's post office, which is set in  a 'One Stop' store, and there were packets of Yorkshire pudding mix reduced to 25p. But then Dh reminded me that Yorkshire pudding  mix is just flour, milk and an egg, so I left the packets there, but I was so tempted!
It reminded me of the time,  I was looking at all the packets of prepared veg, in our usual supermarket, as a young lad was stocking the shelves. He asked could he help me, but I said I was just looking as I couldn't believe people would pay a £1 for a packet of sliced red onion.  He agreed, pointing out that it was only one onion, sliced and for probably no more than 50p they could buy a pound of onions! In fact that week they were reduced to 39p!!
How different shopping is for the young mums of today, from when I was a young mum!
But it takes all sorts, doesn't it?

PS. Welcome to two new followers, I shall pop along and see what has happened in your world today.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Then things went down hill...

So when getting back from Southend I suddenly found I couldn't breath, well I could breath but felt I wasn't getting enough air in my lungs. Phoned the 111 service and I was given an appointment with the out of hours Dr. I saw him at 7:40pm, he thought I might have a blood clot in my lungs???So off to A&E We were there hours, I had oxygen, a nebuliser, a blood thinning injection and some horrible attempts by a junior Dr to take blood. Why do they think they are not hurting you, I screamed and he stopped. What was the problem, a nurse had had no trouble at all and I hardly felt it. More x-rays and an appointment for an ultra sound scan the next day. I was seen by another Dr and he thought I did not have a blood clot, thank goodness so I came away with antibiotic and a nasal spray. I slept and slept that night, bliss!
But then yesterday on the way to do our weekly shop I had another nose bleed, back to A&E where I didn't have too long to wait and saw the ENT dr who cauterised my nose again. I am not in a good place at the moment and am despairing if I will ever be well again. I still have this cold and cough but am taking all the tabs and medicine.
An easy day today, I must get well!