Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A solitary one!

I have been blessed with some cards to say... 'Get Well' and I want to, so they have cheered me up.
With them is the basket of tete a tete I planted early December. I have brought them into the house to encourage the other shoots to flower, that little one looks very lonely!
 This one card is from a special friend how well she knows me!
I am feeling a lot better already! I have walked around the garden and the bulbs are all up, there are 5 camassia shoots, so that will be a lovely show for the new owners.
This was them last year, I will have to buy some bulbs for our new home!


  1. Hi Chris, I just found your blog yesterday. I have read this blog from the beginning and have been skimming through your other blog. I am just dumb founded at what you have gone through with your arm. I hope the new doctor you have seen can give you some relief. Looking forward to reading about the move when it finally happens.

  2. I loved that stressed card, lol. pleased you are feeling better.