Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A ticking bomb!

Welcome to my new followers, Simple Life, Sharon and Sue..
 Yesterday started off well for me. I had a dental appointment to sort out a new little denture, thank goodness the missing teeth are not dead centre! I came home and went straight up to the green house. I trimmed back some trailing pelargoniums which I had put to winter in there, but with this mild winter they had grown! They were very pretty last summer, a single, pale pink flower. A great display in my front pots.

I also cut back some other plants in there too, and checked the grape vine, which is fine. My basket of tete a tete are just starting to flower, so they can come inside today.
But then to my horror my nose started to bleed. I was hysterical crying, thinking I would have to go through having those excruciating nose plugs inserted again, but Dh calmed me down, getting me to deep breathe and think calm! And it stopped after only a little bleed but I feel I am sitting on a ticking bomb. I am hoping and praying it will be ok.


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