Sunday, 5 February 2017

Busy time...

.......... But not me! Dh has made marmalade, he loves doing things like this. He hadn't planned on this because of moving and then when our moving date was postponed , he went out and bought the Seville oranges.
It is delicious, I have had it two morning running and on white bread toasted with butter, not the food plan, which I am still doing. Weight loss is very slow but I have lost my Christmas weight. I need to keep at it as a couple pounds more off and I will have lost a stone!

 And me? I just bought a pot of tete a tete little daffs. They are so pretty and herald spring to me.
We do have loads of daffs and tulips through in the garden, which we planted when in October we decided we wouldn't move! We thought, well if we're not moving we might as well get the garden ready for spring. The year before because of my broken arm I planted a whole lot of bulbs in pots, so we planted them all in the garden, so they will be a lovely display for the new people. The snowdrops are just popping up when they are, I 'll post a pic.
Roll on spring, I am fed up of winter.. what about you?

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