Friday, 10 February 2017

Feeling better

For the first time for over two weeks, I have woken up this morning feeling a lot, lot better, yeh! I was beginning to think I would never be well again and this was how being old was!! Just like my school girl friend once said, 'Getting old is bloody awful'
But I feel I have slept well. Ok, Nell woke us at 4:30am, but Dh just got her and she settled on the bed and we all went back to sleep. I say Dh got her, but he just opened the kitchen door and she romps up the stairs and takes a flying leap on to the bed, and after having a 'here I am' wiggle she settled down.
I saw this on someone's blog, and knew this was a book for me.
I bought 'In Falling Snow' from a recommendation of a fellow blogger and my gosh it was a lovely book. But the blurb on this reminded me of 'Elizabeth is Missing,' which I loved.. can't wait to start reading it.
Product Details
Very cold here today -2 C and we are forecast snow, ugh! A day to stay in side and keeping toasty warm, I wear M&S strappy vest tops these days, best thing I have ever done! So does that makes me old? I guess it does!
What do you wear as you've got older that you didn't when you were younger?

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  1. The same as you, I think - I discovered those camisole type garments with stringy straps and thought, "What a great alternative to the old-fashioned vests and so much daintier!" I now have 2 silky ones and 5 cotton ones which are a much more feminine way to keep warm. Oh and I also confess to an occasional wearing of bed socks on a really chilly night!