Saturday, 11 February 2017

How our minds play tricks on us.

We have been watching a delightful little Australian drama in the afternoons, called 'A Place Called Home,' It is set near Sydney, where we have been and set in the time of the 1950s.
Strange seeing the fashions of that time, all the women wearing hats and the men wearing ties and trilby hats. It is a typical family story with jealousy, deception and lies, but we are really enjoying it.
While watching it one day last week, one of the actors reminded me of my Aunty Glad, who brought me up with my grandmother after my mother died, when I was two. It was so real watching this actor, that after I switched off I suddenly thought I 'll phone my Aunt, but she died in 1990, but it seemed so real. We used to talk two or three times a week, so I really missed her and still do sometimes. She never said she loved me but people didn't in those days,  but she showed it in a hundred ways.
Do you have someone you used to phone and would love to now?


  1. With all the political doings going on in our country, I really wish I could call my dad and talk to him about it. He loved to argue politics and I'm sure he would have had a lot to say about it. He's been gone for over a decade.


    1. We all miss our loved ones, what I couldn't get my head around for a while was how there was nothing there to replace our chats, she was gone and no coming back.

  2. Hallo Chris, yes I know what you mean about having the urge to ring someone who's no longer here. In my case it's my mum, she died about 18 months ago and I still think about her a lot. We used to chat on the 'phone a few times a week (I live in Wales and she lived in Yorkshire) and one of our chatty days was Saturday and I often think that I'd give her a ring when I've finished doing some particular chore, in fact the thought came to me today, until I remembered. It will take a while I suppose.

    Joan (Wales)

    1. Yes it takes a while, but I talk in my mind to my Aunty all the time! Early days for you.