Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Struggle

Anyone who knows me will know I struggle with  losing weight. I put on 22lbs within the first few months after breaking my arm and I was very over weight even before that. I returned to Slimming World, which does work when I keep to the food plan. Because I haven't been well in the last 4 weeks my weight loss has struggled.
Over all in the 29 weeks I have been giving SW £4.85 I have only lost 12lbs!! That's less than a pound a week, in fact it is 0.413lbs... at this rate by the end of the year I will only have lost 16 pounds.
However if I could lose a 1lb a week that would be 44lbs
1 lb=44lbs=3.1st
2lbs=88lbs=6.2st...oh how I wish!!
But 1.5 would be good.
That is possible and something I could do, so come on Chris, get going. Even this 12lbs loss has meant I can pull up my knicks more easily, so just 2 more pounds would be a stone, yeh!!
I buy my clothes from M&S and altho' there isn't one near to where we're moving, 16miles away in a shopping area there is a food store, so I could order clothes to pick up there... but... there is a Next store there and I would love to be able to buy clothes from there!!
Anyone else struggling?

I haven't worn jeans for years, love this jacket.

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  1. It took me over 2 years to lose nearly 5 st with Slimming World but I didn't begrudge the fee because I couldn't have done it alone. When I started I expected it to take a long time and was glad it did because it meant by the time I reached my target weight that healthy way of eating was ingrained and I have now managed to maintain my loss for 2 1/2 years. Never before have I kept weight off, I've done Weight Watchers which worked and I lost a lot of weight quickly (4 stone in 10 months) but it didn't really teach me to eat healthily and as soon as I reached goal I couldn't maintain the point counting and started regaining quickly. So, although I know it's hard to be patient when you want to get slim quickly you're doing really well, and please don't be discouraged. Just think that you're changing to a healthier lifestyle and every pound you lose is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work and you'll wear those jeans one day. Love, Helen x