Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not for me, I LOVE LOVE retirement.

We have settled back into our usual weekend routine, trying not to think  that one month ago we were getting ready to move, and it all fell apart when the people at the bottom of the chain dropped out. We will move just not so soon. We have sat and read the paper this morning relaxing as the chicken cooked.
Dh surprised me yesterday by saying, every now and then, he has a feeling that he'd like to be on the flight deck, fresh wind and the smell of the plane exhausts. He was in the Navy, joined up when he was 15 years old!! He asked didn't I sometimes think myself back at work.... whooooeee definitely NOT FOR ME!! I replied, I am very, very happy being retired. I love the freedom of no time ties, doing as we want. Going out when the sun is shining, leaving the housework for a rainy day.

I feel a bit more myself today after my traumatic time last week. We have had a very tasty chicken dinner, followed by an open fruit tart, (made by Mr Waitrose) with clotted cream. And for tea, some dainty crustless sandwiches, smoked salmon and cream cheese and ham. Then Dh had made some scones, so strawberry jam and the remains of the cream came out to make it a truly yummy tea.
So no dieting today, I needed some tlc and Dh did just that!

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