Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Thank you, who ever you are!!

There is always the problem when you buy new what do you do with the old? We bought a new TV, the week before last, so the old to, the dump or... Freecycle? Well the picture didn't always come on, so we didn't want to foist an old TV on someone that didn't always work. Tuesday is our rubbish collection day and usually the 'scrappy' comes round collecting anything that has been left outside. Next door had put out a phut dish washer,  so Dh put out our TV.. We went out and when we came back our old TV had gone, but not next doors dishwasher, so who ever took our old TV, we say thank you!! What do you do with your old stuff?
One man's rubbish is another man's treasure!!


  1. I would try freecycle first, we get lots of things from there and also put lots on , it is a great scheme. I have just started following you, will spend some time going through your archives xx

  2. We would have put it on Freecycle but as it wasn't reliable we didn't think it fair. Freecycle is a great idea, I moderate for my town one. Honestly, you'd be surprised at the things people ask for and are given!

    1. Yes I wouldn't offer anything if it wasn't reliable.

  3. I usually ask around and invariably someone has a youngster setting up a flat or home, otherwise donate to Salvation Army who supply furniture and goods to charities like Women's refuge and so on. If it wasn't working I would get the scrap merchants to take it. I too have started following and thanks for your visit.

  4. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'll blog about the film when we've watched it.
    We have given loads of stuff away on Freecycle, it's such a good idea. Leaving things outside the home has worked for us in the past too. Of course most things go to the charity shops and then I normally come home with something else!
    Lisa x