Thursday, 23 February 2017

What wind!!

Well storm Doris took a fence panel, but we stopped her taking the post and the next panel as well.  My Dh can be a bit of a defeatist, while I can always think of a way to get around things. I think this might be because, before I met my Dh I was alone, and had very little spare money. So I found ways to cope and do things within my physical and financial capabilities. We tied the post to the wheel barrow,  which was weighted down with some large garden pebbles, some bricks, the metal base of the umbrella and a bag of compost. It stopped the post and next in line fence panel being whipped back and fro, so we only have the one panel to replace! Dh was thinking several panels would have to be replaced, because he said, ' how can we stop the wind?' .......' Our wheel barrow and some bits,' I said.
I have a woman's view on most things and can always find a temporary way to cope!!  Hope you survived Doris..


  1. Good for you for 'thinking outside the box'. It would appear that a lot of bloggers had a heck of a time with Doris.

  2. Well done on saving the fence, I was really worried about the greenhouse but it survived.

  3. Pleased you came through okay. I sometimes thinK men can panic too much! Your story made me remember when I was living in Sussex in the 80"s and the hurricane that I call the "Fish" decided to use our Greenhouse as a kite and my husband tore out and tried to stop it flying off, I was screaming at him to come inside as garage roofs and the tiles from the house were flying everywhere, if one of them hit the glass goodness know what would have happened to him! Haha!