Saturday, 4 February 2017

Yellow Stickers

I love looking at blogs where the blogger is trying and succeeding to save money. I don't squander money and do look at prices but don't often buy reduced 'yellow labelled' items, mainly because we shop regularly on a Thursday morning at the same supermarket (T---o) and there are rarely reduced food items. But today I was sorely tempted as we were in our little town's post office, which is set in  a 'One Stop' store, and there were packets of Yorkshire pudding mix reduced to 25p. But then Dh reminded me that Yorkshire pudding  mix is just flour, milk and an egg, so I left the packets there, but I was so tempted!
It reminded me of the time,  I was looking at all the packets of prepared veg, in our usual supermarket, as a young lad was stocking the shelves. He asked could he help me, but I said I was just looking as I couldn't believe people would pay a £1 for a packet of sliced red onion.  He agreed, pointing out that it was only one onion, sliced and for probably no more than 50p they could buy a pound of onions! In fact that week they were reduced to 39p!!
How different shopping is for the young mums of today, from when I was a young mum!
But it takes all sorts, doesn't it?

PS. Welcome to two new followers, I shall pop along and see what has happened in your world today.

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  1. Never ceases to amaze with ready-mashed potatoes, sliced vegetables and prepared salads.

    But the yellow sticker trail is worth following, there really are some bargains last thing. Our menus are based round yellow-stickered items.