Monday, 27 March 2017

A wonderful day out

We had such a lovely day yesterday. My eldest son and girl friend invited us for a BBQ... BUT it was much more than that, as they moved to Suffolk just 4 weeks ago. So it was lovely to see their beautiful new house, but also Suffolk.
We took a wrong turning, (so what's new??) but we were being led by 'sweet cheeks' our satnav and we travelled along narrow lanes, which were flanked by banks covered with primroses; they were so pretty. And then we were travelling through avenues of daffodils, such glorious flashes of yellow.. we were delighted.
My son took us to such a pretty little coffee shop, all set outside in beautiful surroundings, we ate cake with our coffee!
I sat and was a teacher again and read with his GF's little 6 yr boy, he was very good and I filled in his reading diary. He is a super little boy and loved the kite we took him. We chatted to them and his girl friend's  parents, I call them his in-loves rather than in-laws.. they moved there too to be near them....and talking our house buying/selling over with them was good, they understand our stresses.  The BBQ food was delish, we wavered a bit off the diet but it was worth it.
I left with a huge bouquet of pink tulips and cards. Then on our way home we went to see the house we want to buy. It's empty so we did peep through the windows, it looked lovely! And the little front garden was very pretty with blue bells, pink primroses, aubrietia and a lot more. We so love that house, so are more than ever willing everything to go right for us. We can't wait to move there now.
And getting out and visiting Suffolk has re-invigorated us to get those silly little things done and today we shall be cleaning and then some gardening..
Wo---hoooo Suffolk here we come!!


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  1. Oh that house sounds absolutely wonderful; I do hope everything works out to make it yours. It must be quite stressful to go and look at it again, then worrying about whether or not you will ever live there. Your description of the Suffolk lanes with all the wild flowers sounds exactly like my beautiful Cornish lanes, also awash with daffodils, primroses and celandines shining in the sun. Spring has truly sprung at last!