Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bring on the bees!

So we're moving from this house and garden and just look at our damson tree.
It is loaded with blossom, more than we have ever had before, and 3 years ago we had just over 59lbs of fruit. It could have been more than the 59lbs because I loved to pick and eat one or two or three or??when I was in the garden. 
I bought from 'Woollies' in 2003 and that first year I had 7 damsons!
My DH has made damson wine, and damson gin. I made damson cheese and one year when I couldn't be bothered to stone them, I just made jam. We have bags of them in the freezer, which I suppose will come with us. We are going to miss the fruit of this tree, so I think it may be one of our first buys for our new garden. 
 If you look closely you might see some pink blossom in front of it and that's our peach tree, placed there so the damson blossom might share its bees!
And I couldn't resist photographing these tulips, aren't they beautiful?
I hope we'll have many happy hours in our garden in Suffolk sitting outside as we do here, drinking tea and admiring our handy work, the temperature today is 20°C..


  1. Oh I'm very tempted to go out and buy a damson tree - such gorgeous blossom and not too big a tree. And damson jam is my very favourite! Such a sharp taste to it.

  2. Oh dear! I've just found out that 2 damson trees are needed inorder to pollinate each other and my little garden just doesn't have the space. :( Oh well . .