Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Good moving news?

Today we have learnt that the last buyers in the chain of our house sale has instigated 'Searches.' This is not something you do if you're not serious about buying a property. It costs £480 so not a piffling amount and of course he has had a survey done which costs around £500, it definitely looks like he is committed to buying
So we are beginning to feel this is it, the end of this waiting and waiting to move.
So here are some pictures of Suffolk.
This is Dunwich which we will be very near.
And Walberswick beach
 And a different view are these primroses and cowslips which grow on the road sides.

We are feeling very elated and now can't wait to move.. we are more or less packed, the shed is empty, the green house has just a few tender plants and most of the stuff in the garage is boxed, in the house we have full boxes everywhere; we are ready to move!! Yeh!

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  1. Good news indeed, you will be here for the summer (avoid Aldeburgh on summer Sundays!)