Thursday, 23 March 2017


We were able to collect Nell at 5:00pm yesterday. She was over joyed  to see us, you'd have thought we'd been to Australia.
She wolfed down some scrambled egg and a biscuit, not too much as she had had an anaesthetic.
We had a very good report from the vet nurse, who said Nell had been very good.
She is a good dog, we said! Not a peep out of her last night, but we had decided if she cried who'd let her up on our bed. She hasn't scratched at her face, so the stitches are all secure.
Well done Nell, it only cost £532.60 !! But we do have insurance for her, although if we hadn't we'd have paid, she is our baby!!

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  1. Oh what a relief to have her home again and know that she has safely had that lump removed. It must have been a worrying time, wondering if she would be OK with the anaesthetic. Ouch! What an expense - thank goodness you have her insured. I wish her many more healthy years with you.
    - Rosemary x